NO! I didn’t drop off the face of the universe! I simply have been extremely stressed and (unfortunately) school comes first.

Today was a good day. Today I had an amazing day of painting, a terrific lunch of spinach pies and grilled cheese, took an EXTREMELY difficult yoga class AND last, but not least, got into the writing minor.

Obviously, my first reaction (after squealing upon receiving the email and gripping the arm of my friend who was sitting next to me) was calling my mom. I had to tell her the amazing news!!! So I picked up the phone, called her up and got her voicemail. Very sad.

So, mom, here is how the conversation would have gone if you hadn’t been in your uber important meeting.

“Hey mom!”

“Hello my absolute favorite daughter. So good to hear from you! I miss seeing your beautiful face every day. What can I do for you this fine afternoon?”

“Well, I actually got into the writing minor!!”

“OMG! Larkin! I am not surprised at all because you are the most amazing person I have ever met! My world revolves around you!!!”

“Aw, thanks mom. By the way, can you transfer a couple thousand dollars into my account? I’m running a little low and would love to buy the entire LuluLemon store this weekend!”

“Of course, love of my life! Anything for you my dearest!!!”

So, mom, how accurate is this? Anything you’d add or remove?

(p.s. my mother’s blog is http://www.tworeflectiveteachers.blogspot.com –go check it out. she’s pretty cool)


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