So this weekend my sister’s coming to visit. And the weekend after that I’m going home. And then I have two weekends and then I have finals and then my sophomore year of college is over. I think that I’m having a slight mid-college crisis.


Today in my sociology class we talked about the social differences between generation x and generation y. The part of the conversation that fascinated me the most was when our professor told us that my generation (generation y) has a huge amount of potential to drastically change our political system. The reason that he said that we have the potential to change it as opposed to saying that we are going to change it is because so many people in generation y are so disgusted by the political system that they don’t want to take part in it.

This leads me to the question of: if we hate the way that something works, but we don’t work to change it, are we not also to blame? Isn’t it our job, as generation y, to shape the world to how we want it?

A Washington Post article written in 2015 states that only 19.9% of young people (ages 18-29) cast ballots in the fall of 2014, compared to around 27% previous years. Their reasoning for that was very similar to the reasoning of my professor- we simply don’t care enough. Many young people don’t think that their vote will even make a difference, so just don’t see the point in getting up the energy to head out and vote.

Personally, I think that my generation is being a bunch of hypocrites. They hate the ways of the political system now and want to see change and want to see change happen fast, but are not willing to make that change happen. The way that America is supposed to work is that every vote counts and every voice matters. Even though we are “just one of the bigger whole”, we can shape that bigger whole by simply affecting those immediately around us and watching our ideas take shape.

Putting it simply and cheesily- we need to get our act together and BE the change we want to see in America.


4 thoughts on “20/31

  1. Every vote matters, generation Y has to figure that out. Nice reflection on what the prof said. What a good time you will have with your sister! Time seems to speed up this time of year.

  2. That be the change idea is everything. Thank you Gandhi Looking back through history, young people have made big changes in our world and without them, we wouldn’t have the world we have today. I really love generation y with all of your quirks because you all are living in a very different world than x. Things are changing very fast and you are having to keep up with the changes. I’m excited about our youth. Here’s to you and your y generation!

  3. I came from a generation that didn’t have an alphabet, but believed that activism led to social change. The years and reality have somewhat dimmed my idealism – but I still believe that our democracy is built on participation and activism. Pick up the mantle, Larkin! PS> Good luck with finals!

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