My mom wrote a post the other day that I have been wanting to talk about. It was about how in certain classrooms she feels like a better teacher. You can check it out here! In classrooms where the kids are attentive and amazing and willing to learn and to listen, it’s easy to understand why their teacher would feel like a rockstar. And on the other end of the spectrum, in a classroom where kids are raucous and disinterested and completely oblivious to anything the teacher has to say, a teacher is likely to feel a bit more insufficient.

I think that this isn’t just a law of the classroom, but also a law of life. After I read her post, I thought for a while about all the different ways that this idea holds true.

When I’m with great people who talk about great ideas, it’s easy to feel like a great person. When I’m with people that I don’t love who prefer to talk about others, I often feel myself getting roped in and end up feeling like a person that I wouldn’t love.

When I’m in an art class with an amazing teacher who understands and appreciates my ideas and looks to help me make my art even better, I feel like a special student and a successful artist. When I’m in an art class with a teacher who doesn’t understand where I’m coming from/why I make the decisions that I do, I feel inadequate and misunderstood.

Along the same lines, when I’m in a lecture with a professor who loves what he or she is talking about and is enthusiastic and cheerful, I find myself filling the role as a much more attentive and appreciative student than when I’m in a lecture where the professor speaks as if he or she would really rather be somewhere else.

It’s an important lesson to realize and to respect. If you want to be a great person, surround yourself with great people. If you want to be inspired, surround yourself with people that you know are going to inspire you.

So thanks, mom, for making me think!


4 thoughts on “20/31

  1. How inspiring. It is so true – who we are with really does rub off on us – for good or bad. Love the line “f you want to be inspired, surround yourself with people that you know are going to inspire you.” Oh that we could always be inspired.

  2. Moms are good at making us think. It is true though, teachers can have a lasting impact on student learning when they show a real love for not just the subject but their students too.

  3. How true your musings are! So the key is hang with the best so you can always be your best. Good thought to remember for all, no matter your age.

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