Last night at 11pm I got a text from my mom: “You partying?”

I had forgotten to write my slice of life. And so, like the intelligent woman she is, my mom inferred from this uncharacteristic behavior of mine that the reasoning behind this must be that her daughter was out with her friends and not anywhere near a computer.

Unfortunately, she was spot on. I had a terrific St. Patrick’s Day and, I will guiltily admit, it did not involve my daily slice of life.

Anyhow, on to better and more important issues. I wrote a post earlier about being an introvert and how I define what it means to be an introvert. You can check it out (if you want) here. Last year, I was an introvert who was not very confident in myself, something which is often difficult to be. I still found that I gained energy during my alone time, but due to my lack of confidence, I preferred to be surrounded by people- whether that was during my walk to class, or simply going to 7/11 to get a chocolate bar. Going places alone terrified me. Now, I look back on that and, while I can understand the discomfort in appearing “friendless”, I am much more at ease with getting food or going to yoga or walking to class by myself. I no longer understand the reason for the terror that gripped me when a task came along that I had to brave alone.

Today I went to a yoga class by myself for the third time ever. Before a few weeks ago, I had never gone without at least one other friend. This was partially because I didn’t really want to go alone and partially because normally one of my friends can come. However, a few weeks ago, no one could come and I was faced with the decision of sacrificing my yoga for the night or sucking it up and making the trek on my lonesome. I sucked it up. And it was wonderful. I made a new friend in the class- someone who I would never have talked to if I wasn’t surrounded by the comfort of familiar faces- and was able to take the yoga class without feeling at all as though I was competing with anyone else (the two girls that I normally go with are very good and I often find myself comparing my abilities to their’s). In fact, little ol’ introvert me loved it so much that since then I have done my best to go to a class alone at least once a week. It’s another way that I’m able to find my “me time” and I have come to treasure it.

I’m not sure, exactly, when I gained the confidence that I have now or when the moment was that I came to care less about other’s opinions and more on my growth as a person, but when I look back, it is extremely apparent that I am not the person that I was 365 days ago. I am able to find my re-energizing time in moments as simple as taking my walk to class, something I could never do before. Instead of feeling at peace walking through campus, I last year I was constantly worried. Worried about how I looked or what I would do if I saw someone. Now I can take my walk and appreciate the campus and say hello to whoever may be walking in the other direction in complete confidence and serenity. It is very freeing, to say the least.

2 thoughts on “18/31

  1. You have grown in the last 365 days, Larkin, and you will be saying the same thing 365 days from now – that is life, and we are the better for it. PS. Glad you had a marvelous St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂

  2. Finding yourself and being comfortable with who you are leads to living a full life. Good for you! BTW, I did notice there was no post from Michigan yesterday. 😉 A girl’s gotta have a life.

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