For any of you who were intrigued by my one sentence yesterday about a weird art project, this is your lucky day. I am about to explain exactly what I was talking about.

My intro to photography class is, without a doubt, interesting. I was expecting to learn about the functions of the camera and experiment with lighting and other basic photography things, but I was far from correct in these assumptions. We spent about the first two weeks going over the properties of our camera and then jumped straight into various projects. Our latest one was to create our own backdrop and THEN to take pictures of people in front of this backdrop that we created.

After much thought, my friend Maya and I decided to create two very large figures out of a material called foam core. We cut them out, each with a hand extended toward the other (as if they were holding hands) and then spray painted them black. These two figures were faceless, but right in the middle of each of their heads we stuck a piece of velcro. (If you’re extremely confused, don’t worry. I will attach pictures.)

Maya and I then printed out the faces of 12 different historical figures. The full list of them includes: Shakespeare, The Pope, Gandhi, MLK, Jesus, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Beyonce, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Miley Cyrus. On the back of each of these, we stuck another piece of velcro. We mounted the figures, making them stand up straight with sticks, and yesterday we took everything to a very central part of campus.

Immediately, people were interested. Maya and I actually had to leave the figures at first to run and grab our bags from a nearby table, and in those two minutes, a student had come over and was inspecting the figures (actually touching them, to our slight surprise). We hurried back over and asked him the question we asked about 40 times throughout the two hours that we stood there with our large, black-painted figures: “Hi! Do you want to participate in our art project?”

He agreed, and we proceeded to explain the project in more detail. The participant was to choose two of any of the heads we had printed and stick them to the bodies. They then were to stand behind the figures, holding both of their hands (metaphorically “combining” their ideas) as we took a picture of them, and then we asked them to write a short statement about why they had chosen those two people on one of our pre-made cards.

By the end of the day, we had taken the pictures of 19 different people with 18 (I think…) different head combinations. You can check out the full gallery here at our tumblr!

For just a quick idea, so you can have a visual in your head while reading this, here are a couple examples:






3 thoughts on “16/31

  1. What fun to see what combinations people but together! Sounds like an interesting class. I know my camera does more than I use it for. I like seeing your artistic projects.

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