Today I supposedly have to stand for 24 hours for the Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan. It’s for a great cause and I’m proud to have raised money for it, but I’m not sure that I’m going to stay and stand for the full 24 hours. Does that make me a terrible person? I really don’t think so.

Dance Marathon is a fundraiser that raises money for children and the families of children at one of our local hospitals. The money goes to helping with pediatric rehabilitation and therapeutic treatments- therapy that has been proven to help kids find a creative outlet and provide them with a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

So far, I have raised a little over $200 and have hand-made 15 t-shirts for the girls on my team. I feel as though I have already helped the kids of C.S. Mott and Beaumont Children’s Hospital without needing to physically kill my poor soles by standing for 24 hours. If I get there at 1pm (when it starts) and stand/dance/do my thing until midnight and then have one of my friends pick me up, I feel as though I have probably done enough. I think that the kids wouldn’t mind my desire to get a full night’s sleep and be able to make it to my 8:30am class on Monday morning (during which I have a presentation that is a hefty part of my final grade…).

I will let you all know tomorrow what I end up deciding to do, but as of right now a night in my bed is sounding like the best option.




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