Today I had the best yoga class that I have had in my entire time here. Back home, I love my studio. I think that all yogis are partial to the first classes they ever took/teachers they ever had, and it has been hard for me to feel as satisfied with a yoga class here at Michigan as I always am at home. But today, I found it.

Did it help that my teacher was beautiful? I’ll admit it, yes. I highly enjoyed it when he came around and pushed me deeper into poses. But it was more than that. This was the first class here that I have actually enjoyed and paid attention to what the teacher was saying. It seemed as if he had actually put some thought into what he was going to be talking about during this class with us instead of the usual “breathe into your posture. We are all one heartbeat, one soul here,” willy-nilly stuff that I’m used to hearing at the yoga studios around here. Sorry, but I am happy to not be sharing my heartbeat with the dude next to me who can’t catch his breath or the lady in front of me who has been in child’s pose 95% of the class.

No, today I wasn’t hearing any of that willy-nilly hippy stuff. Instead, what he had to say actually resonated with me, and I realized that that’s what my classes have been missing during my time here. Meaning. Bryan talked about how we are all too obsessed with the “when” and the “then.” When we finally achieve this, then this will happen. When we decide to put ourselves out there, then we might have more friends. When we just get a little more flexible, then we might try wheel posture or going into a split. His opinion was that if we are too obsessed with the when and the then, then we will forget that there is a now; and now is a perfectly reasonable time to try something new. Most of the time, he said, that we wait for an ultimatum in order to try that new thing, is simply because we’re scared of what might happen if we put ourselves out there.

The next time that I think to myself I think that I’m going to wait until this happens to do this, I’m going to try to remember the words of Bryan and work to not put things off because I’m scared.


5 thoughts on “10/31

  1. What a fantastic reminder not to forget the now, that much more notable given the series of goofy phrases you were being inundated with. My ‘favorite’ is to let your heart melt into the pose. Never sure with that one!

  2. Such wisdom (along with his beauty). What a gift to you to hear that there is no better time than now. Can I go with you next time? We are still breathing as one around here.

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