I’m pretty sure that I have not yet talked about my plans for this summer, so that’s what I’ll do today. Those of you who were wondering about the “painted rocks” mentioned in the last post, this one’s for you.

So, as some of you may or may not know, I usually spend my summers in a house that we inherited from my grandparents on the water in Rhode Island. It is, among many other things, my happy place. Last summer, I spent my days going to early morning yoga with my mom and my aunt (and, occasionally, my dad and/or uncle), taking the dogs for beach walks, eating a lot of fantastic ice cream, and painting rocks and driftwood for a little store downtown.

This summer, I am doing an unpaid internship for the United Theater, a brand new project in downtown Westerly, Rhode Island. With them, I will hopefully be able to put my newfound experiences with design (Indesign, Photoshop etc) to use with their marketing and advertisement department. However, it is unpaid so I do need some type of revenue. Cue the rocks.

Throughout all of August last summer, I was able to paint and sell over 20 rocks and Christina, the owner, has asked me to continue this summer. I will be working in her store not only as a retailer, but also as an exhibiting artist! Much excitement.

Here are some pictures of the rocks/driftwood that I made last year for her:

Also, if anyone is interested, you can check out my art tumblr here. There isn’t too much on it (yet) but it provides people with a good idea of what I’ve been doing here the last couple of years.


5 thoughts on “7/31

  1. What a great way to make some money! Your art on the rocks and driftwood are gorgeous! Just the perfect souvenir for the vacationers. Sounds like an interesting internship, maybe it will turn into a paid one at some point.

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