Tonight we head back to Michigan, but for today you can find me at the beach, soaking up my last few hours of warm sun.

For my application for the writing minor that I want to do at U of M, the main question is along the lines of “why do you write.” I’m actually struggling a lot more with it than I originally thought. Why do I write. It’s such a simple question but it has an infinite amount of complex answers. I write because it’s how I communicate. I write because it connects me with my mom. I write because it’s how I learn more about myself and my beliefs. I write to have a voice.

I wish that they instead had asked, “what makes you write.” What imaginary (or very much so living and breathing- hey mom) force drags me to my journal (almost) every night to record my thoughts and wonderings and plans for the days to come. I think that, for me, it’s the actual act of writing that I treasure the most. It’s the idea that I have the power to make my thoughts concrete and “real.” As I write in my journal, I imagine someone finding it 100 years from now and getting a very real view into the life that once was Larkin Meehan’s. I imagine them still struggling then with the same basic concepts that I struggle with now and that my words might help them, as they have helped me, find some peace in that.

What makes you write?


9 thoughts on “5/31

  1. I love this post. What makes me write is a compulsion to get it (whatever “it” is at the moment) out of my head. Once I write it, my brain is more clear.

  2. Powerful piece! I got the goosies! (If you’re an American Idol fan, you’ll know Jennifer Lopez gets the goosies every time there’s a really good song. If you’re not an American Idol fan, just ignore that.) For me, writing is also a connection with my mom who has kept a notebook/journal for at least 25 years and writes in it every day. I know that writing settles my overly busy brain. It helps me make sense of myself, my world, my thoughts. It’s a way to be present in this moment and to capture moments that I can then remember later only because I wrote them.

  3. Larkin,
    What makes me write?
    It’s a compulsion (maybe a bit of OCD) that makes me share. Sometimes only with myself, other times with the world and often only in the workplace! Recording ideas, dreams, and thoughts builds connections with the “other” parts of my life and literally extends my life around the world!

    What a great question! And I agree, so much better than the original.

  4. It is a great question. Wanting to preserve memories, I think, makes me write. Wanting to think more deeply and process more thoroughly different situations or thoughts also makes me need to write them down – see them on the page, play with the words to make sure they are accurate to my thinking. This is the line that grabbed me most as your reader: I write because it connects me with my mom.

  5. Your voice comes through in your writing making your writing engaging to read. Why do I write? My friend, Elsie, roped me in to this challenge again this year. I also enjoy making my thoughts concrete and playing with words. Im looking forward to reading more of your writing!

  6. I always thought Anais Nin said it best:“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” I write for that in the moment satisfaction, and for later contemplation, I guess. I hope you’ll share bits of your “why I write” with us later, Larkin. Safe travels back to Ann Arbor.

  7. I have also found this question “why do you write?” a puzzle. I still don’t feel like a writer, even though I have spent the last few years talking passionately about writing and putting it into my life as much as I can. I am jealous of you that you get to study writing, if only because you are dedicated to spend time writing for homework.

  8. I think I may have been better able to answer the question, “Why do you breathe?” Writing has become integral to who I am. But also writing has connected me to some amazing people, like your mom, for example, and now, to you. Writing is powerful that way.

  9. What a great conversation you have started here! Moments to capture and preserve make me write. When I’m being lazy, they evaporate. I write for me, I want to remember the ordinary bits of life, thoughts that slip through my mind. That’s what makes me write.

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