I am ashamed to say that it’s been a long time since I read a book for fun. Yes, part of the reason for this is that I am a very busy college sophomore whose life is pretty full of doing things not for fun. I.e. homework. But, if I am going to be completely honest, it is also because I recently had an unwavering, maybe slightly unhealthy obsession with the TV show Game of Thrones. I have finished the series and have been released from its addictive grasp and now that I am on spring break with ample amounts of time and no Game of Thrones calling my name, books have come back into my life.

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was amazing. I just finished it today and am already missing the two main characters. Americanah unapologetically forces its readers to look at the way “we” (we meaning non-black Americans) view race. I do not see myself as a racist person. I live in a liberal world, Ann Arbor being one of the most liberal towns in the states. I grew up with a black president. But I still found myself guilty of many of the accusations Chimamanda makes throughout her novel. Before reading Americanah, I may have described myself as “colorblind” without really understanding the full meaning of this word. Chimamanda talks about how silly is it to describe yourself as a challenged individual- someone suffering from a real disorder- when in reality you’re just trying to say that you live life oblivious of the race of the people surrounding you. It’s funny how often we say things without thinking about what we really mean.

I’m thinking that the next book that I start will either be Snow Falling on Cedars or The Goldfinch- any preferences/ideas?


9 thoughts on “3/31

  1. Adichie IS amazing, Larkin – a gifted and fearless writer. T loved the first half of The Goldfinch but tired of it thereafter, Snow Falling, however, I loved all the way through. I’m glad that you are finding little spaces in your life to read again – it’s a habit that will always serve you well.

  2. Oh, that book sounds interesting–thanks for sharing! And welcome to Michigan! GO BLUE! I’m from Flint but live in Alabama now. I miss the Mid-West, but not the snow. Enjoy your time, despite the crazy-business. As much as I love life right now, college is the one time in life I’d like to go back and relive. 🙂

  3. I know time for pleasure reading is short in college, so you have to grab any open opportunity to read that you can. Can’t offer advice on either book, but Tara is a reliable source on reading material. Enjoy whatever you choose.

  4. Your mom sent me over here to your blog. She’s one of my writing buddies, and she is very proud that you are a writer, too. I love hearing the reflections about race. I grew up in the deep south, so race relations were a big part of how we managed our world. My parents were strongly against any prejudice. Like you, I would like to think that I am colorblind, but I know better. Things have changed a great deal, but we still have a long way to go. I vote for Snow Falling on Cedars. That’s another one where you will enter a whole new world. The movie was well done, too.

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