Tis officially March 1st. AND, more importantly, the start of my third year with the slice of life.

Over the past years with the slice of life community, I have been able to watch myself grow as a writer and a person through the pieces I post. I was looking back at a couple of my last posts the other day, amazed at how much has happened in just a year.

I am currently writing to you from my room in Destin, Florida, where I am on spring break with my sorority sisters, so, unfortunately, some of my posts this week are going to be short but sweet as our days are pretty full.

Currently being rushed out the door to head to dinner so I must wrap this one up already, but –and please hold me to this– there will be a much better/in depth one tomorrow on what exactly is up in my life!!

SO excited!



3 thoughts on “1/31

  1. Welcome back Larkin! Can’t wait to hear what’s been happening in your life.
    If you get a chance check your link, it didn’t work, but I had you in my side bar so I knew how to find you. 🙂

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