Unhealthily Dependent vs. Healthily Social

This post is going to be a bit of a rant. I apologize for that in advance, but I just need to get out a couple feelings.

First, a couple things about me. I am not the type of person who likes confrontation. In fact, I hate confrontation. I like people to like me. And usually, confrontation does not lead to people being your #1 fans. HOWEVER, I do find that confrontation is a LOT more useful than talking about someone behind their back. If something is bothering me enough about a girl that I feel the need to tell another person about it in a mean way, chances are a confrontation is necessary. They aren’t fun, but sometimes they’re necessary. Finally, I don’t really like being alone. I like having personal alone time in my room just listening to music or doing art, but when I venture to the dining hall I like a buddy. I’ve never really thought of this as a huge problem. Sure, sometimes I need to be more upfront with people and be more comfortable with standing up for myself, but do I think that the fact that I would prefer to go to the gym with a partner is a large issue that I need to fix? No. I’m a social person. I like people.

Yesterday after going to the gym with a couple of friends, I was informed that one of them had texted another saying “Honestly, we’re nineteen years old. Larkin needs to learn to be a little more independent.” I was shocked. This girl was one of my good friends and, yet, here she was complaining behind my back about how dependent on other people I am.

In a situation like this, deciding what to do is a little bit tricky. I can’t really go up to her and say something, because the reason I know she was complaining about my dependence was via another girl. Currently, I’m just leaning towards ignoring it. I already know of her as a person who talks a lot about people behind their backs, it’s just always a shock to learn that those type of people also talk about you. There are only 11 more days left until I go home and I’d prefer to keep them drama free.

Until next Tuesday!


an update on the life of larkin

It is April 7th. About a week since I last heard from all of you and since all of you heard from me. I’ve decided to compile a list of what’s been going on in my life since I last talked with you. It’s been a lot.

1. I played a very terrible April Fools prank on two of my friends in my hall. I had them both completely convinced that I was transferring to U of Miami next semester after the admissions department had accepted my very late application. I had quite a few people in on it and it also helped that the two of them had seemed to completely forget that it was April 1st. In my house, April Fools Day is a national holiday. I am at my least gullible on April 1st. Makena and Madeline, on the other hand, believed every word that came out of my mouth. I also think that they didn’t think I was cruel enough to pull such a prank.

2. I got my first A in art school! It was on my fear project, which I have pictured before on my blog. It was very exciting.

3. Christina, Mackenzie and I officially decided to room together– it’s been official for a while, but we had to put our names down on some sheet so now it’s really official, I guess.

4. I found a date for my date party this Friday. It was a mess and it took quite some time, but the guy who I’m taking is extremely nice and it should be a fun.

5. After my mom came to visit and heard firsthand about my experience at the University’s health department, I made an appointment at the actual U of M hospital with an orthopedic and now have my own very lovely boot.


6. I made the discovery that I amgoing to have to wear this very lovely boot to my formal on Friday. Yay!

7. After just counting, I officially have only 18 days left of my freshman year. Less than 3 weeks. Yikes.

Until next Tuesday, everyone!!