31 of 31

You know that you’ve completed the March Slice of Life when you start to go about your day thinking about how to best put your daily occurrences into words. All of a sudden, conversations and interactions and small stories are that much more important because you have to remember them when you sit down at night to write.

I went back and read my last few posts from last year, a time when I had just decided what college I would attend and with the AP tests in a little over a month and when you begin to start realizing that in a year your life would be completely different. While my last post was spent thanking people, it was the second to last post in which I really talked about my goals for the following year and who I hoped to be during the next slice of life. So, following tradition, here are a couple goals for March 2016 Larkin:

  1. I hope you remember what matters and pick your battles wisely. Some things aren’t worth the extra effort.
  2. I hope you do things that make you happy.
  3. I hope all your friendships are equal and you don’t give power to people who don’t deserve it.
  4. I hope you are confident in yourself and what you do and you don’t let trivial things or mean boys convince you otherwise.
  5. I hope you smile every day.

Thanks to Melanie Meehan, Tara Smith and Elsie for always being such amazing supporters. I wouldn’t have made it through this month without the three of your loyal commenting. Another thanks to Stacey Shubitz for hosting this challenge for yet another year. March wouldn’t be March without the Slice of Life.

Each year, I have said that I’ll be back to write on Tuesdays and it has never happened. This year I have decided to not make any promises, but instead I’ll say that I hope to get up the motivation to come back for at least some Tuesdays. This is such an amazing community that it would be a shame to only make good use of it during the month of March.

Thank you everyone and I’ll see (…or read) you next year! …Or on Tuesdays, we will see! 🙂


3 thoughts on “31 of 31

  1. Please do post on Tuesdays once in a while to fill in the time gaps of what you’ve been doing and thinking. Or you could even post your current art project. You have set some worthy goals for the next year. Many seem to be saying you need to remember who you are and what you value and stay true to that course. Have a great end of your year that is almost over!

  2. I enjoyed reading your posts this year! Don’t waste a minute of this precious time that you are in college! I’m envious of you ,and wish I could go back and do it all again! Good luck with your goals.

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