28 of 31

Mom and LC (my grandma) arrived in Ann Arbor today. To prepare for their arrival, I woke up nice and early (at least early for me…) and finished my drawing homework so I’d have most of the weekend to devote to them. The finished product is shown below.


Julia, one of my sisters, was initially supposed to come this weekend as well but she ended up staying back home for soccer and school related reasons. However, she is still here electronically. I have been on a FaceTime call with her for the last 30 minutes as she decides what to wear. She began the call with, “Hi I’m mad at Clare so I need your help picking out an outfit for tonight.” Thank you, Julia. I love being the second choice fashion expert. While on the phone with Julia, she had to run and grab something and handed the phone off to my dad so I could say hello.

Background info: How FaceTime works is you can change the camera to either a shot of the room (like you’re taking a picture) or on to selfie mode. When Julia left the room, I thought that she had just put the phone down and my dad was shouting to me from another location because she had left it on the non-selfie mode so I was viewing the floor. My dad and I talked for a solid amount of time before I realized that my view of the floor was a little bit shaky. “Dad…?” I started, “Are you holding the phone?” “What? Yes, of course! That’s what FaceTiming means!” I just shook my head and began laughing. “You realize I can’t see you, right?”

He had no idea. With a little help, I got him to find the little button on the corner of the screen that switched the mode into selfie and his grinning face came into view. “Oh! That’s how this works!” As LC, Mom and I cracked up hysterically, he tried to defend himself. “You guys know I’m mechanically challenged!” And we just laughed harder. “Technically, dad, you mean technically. You’re technically challenged.”

Despite being mechanically challenged, Garth was able to learn something new today!

Until tomorrow!


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