26 of 31

I learned a lot about feet today. A lot. And I’m not a very big feet person. Feet just aren’t my thing. Other body parts could be my thing. I think that shoulders are pretty cool. And fingers. Even ankles are cool. Feet are just ew.

So now that I’ve given you that wonderful background information, I will launch into my story. Do any of you remember how a very, VERY long time ago while I was in California I rolled over my foot on the third day of break? Yes? No? Maybe so? Well. I did and it hasn’t really stopped hurting. Yes, it’s gotten better and I am able to walk on it and, as you’ve seen, a bunch of my posts have been about yoga where I am able to do most things and just refrain from putting all my weight on my left foot. Another thing you should probably know about me is that back at home with my family I am VERY dramatic about my injuries. If I got a paper cut, they would know. Blisters from pointe shoes? Don’t even go there. However, I am NOT very dramatic with my friends when it comes to my injuries. I am a silent sufferer. But about a week ago, Mackenzie (one of the girls I’m rooming with next year) asked me how my foot was and I let it slide that it still wasn’t doing too hot and she gave me an extremely “worried mom” face. “Larkin! It’s been three weeks! Go to the f*&#ing doctor!” So I gave her a deep sigh and a roll of the eyes and called and set up an appointment at the University’s health center.

Today was my appointment. I walked in with my great, hard sole shoes (I looked online and that’s what they said is best to wear) and soon after I was called in to see Dr. Vander-Hyde. After giving my bare foot a thorough examination (ew, disgusting!!), she sent me upstairs to radiology to get some X-Rays. At this point I was a little peeved. Clearly my foot was not broken if I had been walking on it for weeks. Couldn’t she see that? So after waiting for an eternity for the radiologist, I was called in and the lady held and set my foot in various positions as she took the shots (she did this with her bare hands. DISGUSTING.)

When I was finally through with the X-Rays, Dr. Vander-Hyde came back up to examine them with me. She immediately saw a little crack right where I had been complaining about the pain, but said that feet really weren’t her specialty and it could just be a growth plate. I released a little sigh of relief. Growth plates are fine. Growth plates are good. So Dr. Vander-Hyde whipped out her handy dandy book all about feet (someone honestly wrote a book all about feet. WHO WOULD EVER WANT TO DO THAT) and we spent the next couple minutes pouring over growth plate information and discovered–to our great disappointment–that the growth plate of the metatarsal (the bone that was showing the fracture) was actually way, way above where we saw the little crack. So my foot is fractured. Fantastic.

HOWEVER, do not fear: I do not have to wear one of those ridiculous booties. Dr. Vander-Hyde mentioned it and I gave her such an unpleasant look that she immediately followed that with, “But, of course, I don’t think that’s completely necessary if you don’t want to. You’ve been doing pretty well with just hard-soled shoes so far. So if you want, you can stick with sneakers.” Yes, Dr. Vander-Hyde, thank you. I shall be sticking with sneakers. She also let me take a couple pictures when I told her I was going to write my blog post on this!!! She even made me take one of the entire foot when at first I only zoomed right in on the fracture because, “Look how beautiful it is!” No, Dr. Vander-Hyde, my apologies, but I’m not really seeing the beauty. Feet just really aren’t my thing.

I also haven’t told my mom yet because I wanted her to read about it on here. Hee hee. Hey mom 🙂

Until tomorrow!



5 thoughts on “26 of 31

  1. Been there, lived through that, with a boot. Broke my third metatarsal last April. I didn’t get a choice, I had to clomp around in a boot for four weeks, no driving because it was my right foot. You are very lucky. Who knew that little bone could cause so much pain? Be careful Larkin, if it doesn’t heal right, they will have to go in and surgically repair the bone. That does not sound like fun.

  2. I had to wear one of those awful boots after Isabelle was born because the ligaments in my foot stretched out. It was miserable. I’m glad you don’t have to wear the boot. They are the worst.

    Take care of yourself and wear good shoes!

    Btw, so glad MacKenzie told you to go to the doc! You owe her one.

  3. Here we are thousands of miles apart and both of us writing a slice about feet on the same day. Our feet are in step it seems. In my case it did not involve medical intervention. It was merely observational. Anyway, look after those feet…Your Mum alerted me to all this…

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