25 of 31

I’m sure that all of you had a job that you really didn’t like that much in the past. I’m only 18 and I’ve already had a job I really didn’t like. To pass the time during that job, I’m also sure that you all came up with little things to do to pass the time.

So today I went to the cafe across from the art school to get lunch. They have the BEST Chicken Schwarma with homemade hummus and mouthwatering rice tossed in some special, garlicky sauce. Delicious. The way they have everything set up at this cafe is they have a bunch of glass cases protecting the food from you and the servers are on the other side. So I’m ordering my Chicken Schwarma and everything is going great. I ask for a little extra rice because it’s just that good. And then comes the time when the server is supposed to hand me my plate of food. He went under the top part of the glass case and, without thinking–it is your INSTINCT, after all, to reach for food–I went to grab it and boom. I smacked my hand on the glass. He laughed and apologized and went to hand it to me over the top of the case, and I gladly took it, also offering a smile. Besides, that glass is super duper clean. It was definitely a mistake.


My friend Alyssa had finally made up her mind at this point on what she wanted (Chicken Schwarma. Because it is amazing) so I patiently waited over by the salad area for her to order. And–low and behold–this jokester did the EXACT SAME THING. Bam. Alyssa smacked the glass with her hands and laughed, flustered, as the guy handed it over the case.

I just chuckled over at my spot by the salads. Sometimes it takes a couple mediocre pranks to get through a boring workday.

Until tomorrow!


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