23 of 31

Before I launch into today’s post I just want to make a little realization: because I’m doing Slice of Life, I ALWAYS know the date. Usually I have to check my phone/a friend before writing the date on the top of my paper, but this month my friends have been asking me instead. Thanks, Slice of Life.

Today’s yoga class was the type of yoga class that inspires me to want to be a yoga teacher. The teacher was amazing. I don’t think my body had ever been able to twist itself into the positions she had me in today. And the energy filling the room was unbelievable. I have never taken a yoga class with that many motivated people. And they weren’t just motivated. They were really good at it. I’m very used to being the most flexible person in the yoga room. 10+ years of dance has pretty much guaranteed that. I’m also a risk taker when it comes to trying new moves. I like to be upside down and a lot of yoga poses involve being upside down. You’re not really supposed to look around during yoga. You’re supposed to be centered in yourself, paying attention to your breaths and what you can handle. But there’s no way to ignore the fact that when the teacher called for people to slide into the stretch and take a split if they chose that half the class (including me) gracefully slid into their split. On BOTH sides. And then when she asked us to take the inversion of our choosing, I was one of many who lifted my legs into a headstand.

I don’t just love yoga because I can do the poses. I love the IDEA of yoga. I’m not a very religious person. I don’t follow a single faith and I’m not really sure that I believe in an afterlife– I’m much more of a live for your life right now type of person. However, I do believe that there’s something bigger out there.I believe in souls. I believe that you make a fate for yourself and that what is meant to happen will happen– as long as you put some effort into it along the way. Yoga seems to understand that. Being in that room with so many relaxed, concentrated people I feel a connection to everyone that you don’t find in many other places. It’s special.

Teaching yoga has always been a dream of mine since I took my first class. (I really, really hope that it comes true this summer and I find the time to take the courses needed to get my license because that would be the PERFECT job for next year on campus.) This class just confirmed it. I want to be as motivating and inspiring as our teacher was today about something that I love so much.


4 thoughts on “23 of 31

  1. I have never had flexibility, so yoga is pure torture for me. Needless to say, I don’t do it. It’s great that you enjoy it so much you want to teach it.

  2. Nothing centers you like yoga – I grew up in India, Larkin, and saw many yogis who just lived the life spiritually and physically. I love watching people in their yoga poses and routines, too – so elegant and fluid. Good for you that you have found this wonderful way of life already.

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