17 of 31

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! For all you fellow redheads out there, I bet you are getting just as many questions about your Irish roots as I have today (about 4 people so far have asked me). So far today to celebrate I have had a total of 3 green sugar cookies thanks to the Mojo dining hall and can’t wait to go fulfill the yearly tradition of eating a green bagel later at the local Bruegger’s.

Yesterday I received a care package from my mom and inside of it was a note requesting a special shout out. So, mom, this is for you:

IMG_3838 IMG_3839 IMG_3840

Unfortunately, the toffee bars took a bit of a tumble and the books and the card were a little bit chocolatey than books and cards are normally supposed to be, but the books are still readable, the card was still adorable, and the toffee bars were (and are) still delicious. Thank you, you rock!!

(For the shoutout, you can find the site where she’s doing Slice of Life at http://www.justwritemelanie.blogspot.com. I highly recommend.)

In another piece of news, Julia (one of my three younger sisters) got asked to prom yesterday and it was perfect. Julia is an extreme perfectionist/straight A student/tri-varsity athlete, but she HATES extra attention. So when a bunch of boys wearing speedos showed up asking her to prom, I can only imagine what her response must have been. Here is a picture for some better visualization:


Until tomorrow, friends!


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