15 of 31

I spent all day today working in the studio and it was lovely. Next time I go to work I’ll have to take some pictures so you have a better idea of where I was than just my description. All of the studio along one hallway– the one that I always work in –have an entire wall of windows. The other three walls don’t completely meet the ceiling, so you are able to hear all the different music and conversations taking place in the other classrooms. I love it. Everyone is so peaceful and it smells like fresh, acrylic paint and the rooms are bright and sunny the entire day.

The first project I finished today was my “fear” project. I’ve written about it before, but basically what we had to do was pick a fear we have and create a project based on that fear. Honestly those were the only credentials we were given. I was slightly freaked out– teachers have always given me so many regulations for projects; it was really strange to be told to do whatever we wanted.

I chose the fear of disapproval and came up with a 4 self-portrait series. In each portrait, I’m covering my face a little bit more, am wearing more makeup, and have my hair done in various ways– each more formal than the last. It is supposed to represent how we change ourselves to fit in with different people and different environments. On the back I have the quote “we look to others for approval when we cannot give ourselves the approval we need.”

IMG_3828 IMG_3827

The other project I had to work on today was my hybrid creature. For this project, I created a wolf-bird and decided, for the hell of it, to throw in some fish.


I hope everyone had a relaxing Sunday!

Until tomorrow 🙂


8 thoughts on “15 of 31

  1. I’m really intrigued with your ‘fear of disapproval’ portrait series. I think you really captured the idea beautifully. I teach fifth graders and lately there’s been a lot of whispering and approval seeking and feeling disapproved of. I especially love how you changed outward appearances to strengthen chances. I also love that it doesn’t work that way.

  2. It’s a powerful series, Larkin – going from the open and cheerful expression in the first to the hidden face of the last – that eye is arresting, startled almost. Such an interesting and thought provoking visual self examination.

  3. A perfect quote to go with your portraits! What a productive day for you. There is joy in your voice as you write of your work. That’s the best because then it really can’t be called work.

  4. To be doing an assignment and loving the work- wow! What could be better than spending a Sunday in a light filled space doing what you love and being productive!! And then sharing. Xo

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