12 of 31

It is warm out today. So warm, in fact, that I wore my vans (a type of sneaker that only covers half of your feet) to class today. My 9am class. And my toes didn’t freeze. In fact, when I got to the art building, I was warm. Warm! Maybe even a little bit hot! Wow. Monday the temperature is supposed to get above 60°. SIXTY DEGREES. It is going to be warmer here than it is in Connecticut. WOW. I can’t remember the last time that happened. Or if it ever has happened.

The increase in temperatures and the fact that it is now light until almost 7pm and the defiant stuffing of my winter parka into one of the many tupperware bins under my bed makes it very hard to concentrate on school. Spring fever has always been a problem for me. I want to spend as much time as possible outside and am antsy and, frankly, have the attention span of someone with ADHD when I’m stuck in a stuffy classroom. At college, with so much freedom and without my parents giving me a raised eyebrow when I don’t start my homework until 9 at night, it’s that much harder. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my good days. I finish class at 12:30 and have the rest of the day to start on my homework, or go to the gym, or do whatever my heart desires. Tuesday I took a walk and went to the gym and lay in my friend’s bed watching Netflix and it was, overall, a very lovely day. I paid for my very lovely Tuesday with my Wednesday night, staying up until 1am finishing forgotten work.

Although the weather beckons me to come out and play, I need to find my happy medium. Today I will reward myself with the gym an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and then I will buckle down and do my work.

Here’s to fighting the Spring Fever.

Until tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “12 of 31

  1. The warmer temperatures do beckon you to ignore the inside and play. I’m having a hard time with this too. I keep telling myself, Get it done, then play. Aarrgh! Even “senior citizens” want to play in the warm spring day. 🙂

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