7 of 31

I’m sitting here on Mackenzie’s couch writing this post. The laundry is going– the second of our four loads is underway– and Christina and Mackenzie are sitting across from me, dining on luxurious, warm chocolate muffins with their heads buried in books. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow afternoon we will all be back in Bursley Hall at the University of Michigan. One of the main things that I have missed about being in a home (besides the food, obviously) is having a common living area. Back in Bursley, our common living area is Mackenzie’s bed and, although it is comfortable, it is definitely not the same as having two plush couches with a coffee table in between for our extra books etc.

Of course, there are things I miss. I miss my other friends– especially the ones in the art school who I wake up and see every morning. I miss not being able to sleep at night and knowing that someone in my hall is awake and looking for a partner in crime to finish those last few math problems with. I miss always having the option of going out at night and I miss our frequent, cold walks to Panera. So I suppose that returning to school is bittersweet. Although it means leaving a real laundry machine that does not require quarters, and the warm California sun, I am going back to a lot as well.

I promised that I would upload a couple of the projects that I have been working on. I will stay true to my promise.

For my drawing homework, I had to create a project that represented one of my deepest fears. I chose the fear of disapproval. I speak of disapproval in the sense that I struggle with letting people down, with disappointing. I often do anything in my power to keep people happy with me, and although it is something that makes me who I am, it is also one of my biggest problems. You can’t live your life constantly looking for the approval of others. Sometimes you need to do what makes you happy. I’ve been working on it. Anyway, I created 5 portraits (each are 8.5×11). Each one is a portrait of myself in a different environment. The more makeup and the more time has been put into my hair, the more uncomfortable I appear and the more my face is covered. It is without makeup and my hair looking like a mess that I am not seeking for approval.


The other project I had to do this week was for drawing. I had to create 3 variations of my hybrid creature that I came up with. However, I got a little bit lazy and am not a big fan of the last two that I did, so I’ll upload my favorite one. I’m still trying to come up with a name for it, but it’s half husky, half bird, and (hopefully you can tell) it’s carrying a fish in its mouth and, in the final product, will be flying over the ocean with a couple more fish frantically jumping below.


I also thought I would include a couple pictures of the beautiful California sun, as it is my last day to appreciate it. So here are a couple pictures of the backyard and Mackenzie’s dog, Mia, begging to come back in (crazy, I know. Why would you ever want to come back in…).IMG_0064 IMG_0065


Until tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “7 of 31

  1. Your animal scares me, Larkin! I’m glad you have had such a wonderful time in California. And, I’m glad that you are looking forward to your return to dorm life. Freshman year will be over before you know it. Your use of repetition in your writing is really powerful!

  2. So I get the idea that life is good for you. You are energized by the academic environment and the people you are surrounded by. You know that home is a safe place but yet you want to spread your wings. The world is your playground.
    Great drawings, but I hope never to see the fish eating husky head.

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