6 of 31

Unfortunately it is Friday. I rarely say those words. Normally Friday comes around and I rejoice– on a normal day I would be done with classes at 12:30, shockingly early for me, and I would go back to one of my friends’ rooms & indulge on Oreo’s and peanut butter or whatever the snack of the day happened to be. This Friday, however, is different. It is my second to last day here in paradise and therefore does not carry the usual stress-free, “blow-out-a-big-breath” feeling that most Friday’s carry.

That being said, it was still a fantastic Friday. We spent another day at the beach; this time the beach was one of my choosing. Mackenzie and Christina jokingly yelled at me yesterday for complaining about the extreme amount of seaweed, crazy riptide, and dead-fish smell that accompanied yesterday’s beach choice and told me that since I had disapproved so heavily of their pick that today was all up to me. I happily agreed and chose the Manresa State Beach after inquiring Google. The two of them reached the top of the stairs leading down to the beach below with slight frowns on their faces, hoping to prove me wrong, yet both reluctantly agreed that I had made a good decision. Christina even muttered begrudgingly, “I was really hoping that the beach would be terrible so we could laugh a little and make fun of you for being a beach snob, but this is actually really pretty.” I replied with a grin.

I suppose that tonight I should probably continue with my homework that isn’t really homework.I have one more self portrait to do and I’m supposed to create three different scenarios of a hybrid animal I have created, experimenting with different materials. I’ll post the final products when I’m finished– if I’m happy with them, of course.

I hope you all are having relaxing Friday’s wherever you are. If it’s somewhere cold, then do not fear. I will be joining you late Sunday afternoon. Until tomorrow!

IMG_3759 IMG_3762 IMG_3766 IMG_3751

A nutritious lunch

A nutritious lunch


4 thoughts on “6 of 31

  1. I love this! Three friends and real life relaxing. Your ‘argument’ made me laugh – of course they wanted to you choose poorly! That’s what friends are for. : ) The pictures are beautiful – thanks for the warm breeze that came across my computer!

  2. It’s almost time to return to reality, sorry :-(. You’ve had a fabulous break, now it’s the downhill slide to finish off your freshman year. I hope you do share photos of you project.

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