5 of 31

I felt real, warm, beautiful sun today. And it was terrific. I’ve missed the beach more than I knew. Unfortunately, the riptides in the water were so bad that they very strongly advocated against anyone swimming. So it was a day of tanning for Christina and Mackenzie and of sunscreen-slathering and hiding under towels for me.

Yet again, I am posting late, as we got back from Santa Cruz at 6:45 to a dinner awaiting us with Mackenzie’s family. So this is the first time I have been able to access my computer.

Until recently, I did not understand the point of lying on the beach. I would get bored extremely easily and need to go swimming or get up and play Kadima or do something, anything, other than lie there in the sand. Now, however, I understand the point behind it. When the temperature is right and the sand is soft and malleable underneath your towel, it is one of the most soothing experiences to just lie there. The sound of the waves distract you enough to stop your mind from wandering too far, into unwanted, stressful territory, yet is still able to keep you there, in the moment. The beach is a place where you’re allowed to let go. In fact, you’re supposed to let go.

I’ll keep it short and sweet today, a) because I am beyond tired and b) because I told myself that I would do 2 self portraits by the end of the day, and so far I’ve completed about half of one.

Until tomorrow!

3 Vitality Bowls- aka our delicious breakfast

3 Vitality Bowls- aka our delicious breakfast


Always reppin' Michigan

Always reppin’ Michigan



2 thoughts on “5 of 31

  1. Envious about that beach, Larkin. Love the clear blueness of the sky, and the very idea of sunbathing at this particular moment when it’s 7 degrees outside and the dog and I have returned from our walk quite frozen! Enjoy!!

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