3 of 31

Day 4 of California went, surprisingly enough, without a single hitch. We spent the entire day in San Fransisco and it was perfect. The weather was beautiful, our outfits were on point, and the food was mouth-wateringly fabulous.

I apologize for slicing so late, but to cut myself some slack it is only 7:30 here and we just got back 5 minutes ago. I’ll compensate with some extra pictures.

On our way back home, I got the usual text from my mom when it starts getting late and she worries about me forgetting to post; “Larkin, when are you going to blog??” I responded telling her that we were just getting back from the city and that I was planning to move to California straight out of college. She took it surprisingly well, so I am going to start the post-college job hunt as soon as possible. Honestly, though, I have decided that the Bay Area of California is my place. For goodness’ sake, the weather in March is perfect. I can’t imagine how fantastic it will be here come June. The weather is beautiful, the people are talented, but not haughty, and everywhere you look there is a perfect view. How could I not want to live here?

Tomorrow will be day #2 in the beautiful city of the Golden Bridge. I am counting down the minutes. Today was the sight-seeing, tourist day. Tomorrow is the day of shopping. I’ll let you all know tomorrow just how much damage was done!

Until then, lovely slicers.


The Golden Gate Bridge (feat. Mackenzie)


Feat. me 🙂


Our lovely lunch in Saulsalito


The gift shop in Saulsalito– planning to make this during the summer!


Lombard Street– the crookedest street in America!


The Painted Ladies houses from Full House


Ghirardelli Sundaes for a post-lunch, pre-dinner snack


The Alcatraz Gift Shop (feat. Christina)


The Alcatraz Island– we are way too wimpy to consider visiting. A view from a distance will have to do.


Pier 39– We found Michigan gear in the College Shop!

IMG_3637 IMG_3646 IMG_3677


3 thoughts on “3 of 31

  1. Oh, San Francisco! Both my brothers and their families live there, Larkin, and both moved there after college and grad school in Boston. They’ve never come back to wintry, snowy, slushy, Cambridge. I wonder why?! You are have a marvelous time – bravo! Make the most of it! And keep the delightful pictures of sunny California coming…we need it.

  2. Love the comment from your mom, 🙂 . Yes, SF is a great place, but soooo expensive! What kind of post graduation job are you looking for? That sundae looks incredible! Who needs Cancun for spring break? BTW, I spent one Fourth of July in SF, it was the coldest 4th I’d ever had. Wrapped in blankets, perched on a hill to watch fireworks.

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