2 of 31

Day 2 of the slice of life challenge, day 3 in California.

Spring is upon us here in Danville and I could not be much happier.


^ Real flowers! (wow.)

Today was a busy day. We woke up to the difficult decision of whether or not we would go into San Fransisco today, or wait until the weather forecast predicted a 0% chance of rain instead of the 30% chance that was looming on the horizon. We decided to save it for a better day and go hiking instead. Before going hiking, we went to the most incredible sandwich shop I have ever been to called “Ike’s” and brought Mackenzie’s younger brother a sandwich at school. Of course, all three of us showed up at Monte Vista high school proudly sporting our Michigan apparel. We had to confirm any suspicions held by those children that we did not belong in high school, but instead at the great University of Michigan. After Mackenzie’s best-older-sister duties had been accomplished, we headed back home to get Christina some pants (62 degrees was decidedly a little too chilly for shorts) and headed off on our hike.

So far this trip, Mackenzie, Christina and I have not been able to do anything without slight problems. Yesterday, Christina got a spray tan and pulled the hairnet a little too far down her forehead. She currently has a tan line across her face. Two days ago, we took a day trip into University of California, Berkeley for the sole reason to eat at Cream (a cookie sandwich shop), couldn’t find it and ended up having a lovely time just walking around and people watching. Today was no exception to our tradition of having problems.

Once we were all happily clad in pants, we took off on our hiking adventure. Mackenzie drove, Christina (sadly) had beat me to shotgun, therefore receiving the role as navigator, and I sat in back. We made it without a hitch to the mountain we were supposedly going to climb when we ran into some struggles. Google maps was telling us to go one way, and Mackenzie’s memory leaned to the other. We went with google maps. 50-50 chance right? We chose the wrong 50. Always, always trust the 6th sense. 20 minutes later, Mackenzie was positive that the turn should have come up already. 30 minutes later, we decided to turn around. Back to the beginning. Then, after taking Mackenzie’s turn and driving for about another 10 minutes we had arrived at our destination. Although some may think of it as 50 minutes wasted, we listened to great music and saw beautiful scenery. Everything in California is beautiful.

The hike was worth the wait. We arrived back at the car with lots of pictures, pink cheeks and having seen plenty of adorable puppies.

Until tomorrow, fellow slicers.



3 thoughts on “2 of 31

  1. Wait a minute, where did the dogs come from? They were hiking too? 🙂 It’s the bumps in the road that make the trip memorable. Just think of all these memories tied to the mishaps. California is beautiful.

  2. Those pictures were worth all those travails (amusing though they were!). So lovely to have you back slicing with us, Larkin – I have thought about you off in the wilds of Ann Arbor, having the best possible freshman year.

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