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Hello Slicers!!!

I can’t wait to rejoin everyone for another 31 days of writing. March can be a very long month. It’s one of the “in between” months. Things aren’t quite warming up, but the cold is getting old and the snow is getting brown. This is one of the reasons why I am beyond thrilled to currently be in 65° weather in lovely Danville, California for my spring break, visiting one of my friends from school. I love Michigan and am having the time of my life there, but it is cold. Very cold.

Danville is gorgeous. It is 45 minutes from San Fransisco, so some day trips are already in order. I have already told my parents that I am on the hunt for post-graduation jobs here.

IMG_3569                            IMG_3557

A week will fly by, and I will be back at school, doing what I love. So I see it as a win-win.

As is tradition, I’ll keep my first post short and sweet and end it here. Thanks to everyone who has inspired me to return to the slicing world for year 3! See you all tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “1 of 31

  1. From the frigid and freezing state of Virginia – I’m a wee bit jealous of your pictures and sojourn in California – Enjoy your spring break. May you collect lots of delicious details of spring to share with those of us who are starved for it!

  2. I hoped you’d be writing, and I was thrilled to read on your mom’s blog that you were returning. Lucky you to be living the warmth of California while the majority of the country is blanketed with yet another coating of snow. Have the time of your life Larkin!

  3. So glad you’re joining us this year, Larkin! I was asking your mom if you’d be with us half-jokingly since you’re a college girl now. When I read HER slice this morning and found out you’d be here, I was delighted! Welcome back.

    Enjoy your trip to CA!

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