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You know that you’ve completed the March Slice of Life when you start to go about your day thinking about how to best put your daily occurrences into words. All of a sudden, conversations and interactions and small stories are that much more important because you have to remember them when you sit down at night to write.

I went back and read my last few posts from last year, a time when I had just decided what college I would attend and with the AP tests in a little over a month and when you begin to start realizing that in a year your life would be completely different. While my last post was spent thanking people, it was the second to last post in which I really talked about my goals for the following year and who I hoped to be during the next slice of life. So, following tradition, here are a couple goals for March 2016 Larkin:

  1. I hope you remember what matters and pick your battles wisely. Some things aren’t worth the extra effort.
  2. I hope you do things that make you happy.
  3. I hope all your friendships are equal and you don’t give power to people who don’t deserve it.
  4. I hope you are confident in yourself and what you do and you don’t let trivial things or mean boys convince you otherwise.
  5. I hope you smile every day.

Thanks to Melanie Meehan, Tara Smith and Elsie for always being such amazing supporters. I wouldn’t have made it through this month without the three of your loyal commenting. Another thanks to Stacey Shubitz for hosting this challenge for yet another year. March wouldn’t be March without the Slice of Life.

Each year, I have said that I’ll be back to write on Tuesdays and it has never happened. This year I have decided to not make any promises, but instead I’ll say that I hope to get up the motivation to come back for at least some Tuesdays. This is such an amazing community that it would be a shame to only make good use of it during the month of March.

Thank you everyone and I’ll see (…or read) you next year! …Or on Tuesdays, we will see! 🙂


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I just had a short but sweet conversation with my mom over the phone and she reminded me of something important: it often isn’t only the fault of the person you’re mad at, but also your own fault for giving them the power to make you this mad. I often find myself extremely frustrated with people who just aren’t worth my time. They don’t do very nice things, and I know that they aren’t going to do very nice things, yet I still find myself going back and giving them second, third, fourth chances.

At the beginning of this year, that was one of the things I had decided I was going to work hard on. I was no longer going to be a pushover; I was no longer going to be full with unlimited second chances. And, in my defense, I have gotten a lot better at standing up for myself and at picking my friends and my battles. The majority of my friends that I’ve made this year are amazing, amazing people and I am okay with telling them when they’ve done something to annoy me and I know that they will take my words to heart and honestly work to make it right. Because that is what a true friend does in an equal relationship. It is when I allow my relationships to be unequal and I allow someone else to have the greater power that I have run into trouble. It seems like such a simple thing: if you both have the same amount of power, the friendship will be safe and healthy. However, it’s often a lot harder than it sounds. It’s hard to stand up for yourself when it means that you can’t necessarily be friends with everyone.

This is a reminder to me and to everyone out there: next time you’re super duper mad at someone for something they may have already done, stop and ask yourself.. Am I being fair to myself for continuing to allow this person to make me this mad? I know I can’t change them, but I can change myself. And sometimes I forget that.

So thanks mom for reminding me that I can only control myself and who I’m friends with and–most times–that is enough!

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This weekend I was visited by two of my favorite people. My mom and LC, my grandmother. They were only here for two days– got here Saturday morning and I just bid them farewell. But boy, did we manage to do a lot.

We shopped. Almost until we dropped. Mom kept saying “this weekend is all about you!” so we went to ALL of my favorite stores. It was fantastic.

We spent an hour criss cross applesauce on the floor of Barnes and Nobles flipping through picture books and giggling at Mo Willems’ Knuffle Bunny series.

We went out to dinner with Mackenzie and Christina, my future roommates, and both of their moms and stayed there, after having already payed the bill, talking for another hour and a half. When we decided to go it was already 10:30 and we had gotten there at 7:00. Time flies when you’re telling each other embarrassing childhood stories.

I lay in bed and pretended not to know either of them as LC and Mom dealt with the hotel room key that didn’t work and the thermostat that wouldn’t seem to get above 61 degrees. We ended up getting extra blankets and all of our Hilton points back. Mom is really good at communicating her displeasure. There’s something about the way she puts things that makes you really not interested in arguing.

We went to the MDen and got a Michigan sweatshirt for Julia and a new shirt for my dad, since Mom put his old one through the wash with one of her lipsticks.

We said goodbye and are all counting down the days to being reunited again April 30th!

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Mom and LC (my grandma) arrived in Ann Arbor today. To prepare for their arrival, I woke up nice and early (at least early for me…) and finished my drawing homework so I’d have most of the weekend to devote to them. The finished product is shown below.


Julia, one of my sisters, was initially supposed to come this weekend as well but she ended up staying back home for soccer and school related reasons. However, she is still here electronically. I have been on a FaceTime call with her for the last 30 minutes as she decides what to wear. She began the call with, “Hi I’m mad at Clare so I need your help picking out an outfit for tonight.” Thank you, Julia. I love being the second choice fashion expert. While on the phone with Julia, she had to run and grab something and handed the phone off to my dad so I could say hello.

Background info: How FaceTime works is you can change the camera to either a shot of the room (like you’re taking a picture) or on to selfie mode. When Julia left the room, I thought that she had just put the phone down and my dad was shouting to me from another location because she had left it on the non-selfie mode so I was viewing the floor. My dad and I talked for a solid amount of time before I realized that my view of the floor was a little bit shaky. “Dad…?” I started, “Are you holding the phone?” “What? Yes, of course! That’s what FaceTiming means!” I just shook my head and began laughing. “You realize I can’t see you, right?”

He had no idea. With a little help, I got him to find the little button on the corner of the screen that switched the mode into selfie and his grinning face came into view. “Oh! That’s how this works!” As LC, Mom and I cracked up hysterically, he tried to defend himself. “You guys know I’m mechanically challenged!” And we just laughed harder. “Technically, dad, you mean technically. You’re technically challenged.”

Despite being mechanically challenged, Garth was able to learn something new today!

Until tomorrow!

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Alright, everyone. Honesty hour. Almost completely forgot to post today– luckily Mom texted me a little, “Hey, Larkin, you posting today?” and I rushed straight to my computer.

I’ll keep this post pretty short and sweet.

I really cannot tell you what I did today, but I had a really great time. It was just one of those days where time flies by and you end up sitting on your bed at 10:30 at night thinking, well, shoot. I really should have done my homework. Even though I feel a little bit guilty, I don’t regret how I spent the day because I was able to hang out with two girls in my hall that I haven’t hung out with in a while. I’ll just go to bed early tonight so I can get up early and head to the studio to work on stuff before my mom and grandma arrive tomorrow.

OH, YEAH. My mom and LC (my grandma) are coming to visit tomorrow!!! I am very, very excited to see them & to get to spend a night in a hotel room where I can take a shower with no shoes on and not wake up in the morning to my roommate’s various alarms. :))))))))))

As promised, short and sweet.

Until tomorrow!

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I learned a lot about feet today. A lot. And I’m not a very big feet person. Feet just aren’t my thing. Other body parts could be my thing. I think that shoulders are pretty cool. And fingers. Even ankles are cool. Feet are just ew.

So now that I’ve given you that wonderful background information, I will launch into my story. Do any of you remember how a very, VERY long time ago while I was in California I rolled over my foot on the third day of break? Yes? No? Maybe so? Well. I did and it hasn’t really stopped hurting. Yes, it’s gotten better and I am able to walk on it and, as you’ve seen, a bunch of my posts have been about yoga where I am able to do most things and just refrain from putting all my weight on my left foot. Another thing you should probably know about me is that back at home with my family I am VERY dramatic about my injuries. If I got a paper cut, they would know. Blisters from pointe shoes? Don’t even go there. However, I am NOT very dramatic with my friends when it comes to my injuries. I am a silent sufferer. But about a week ago, Mackenzie (one of the girls I’m rooming with next year) asked me how my foot was and I let it slide that it still wasn’t doing too hot and she gave me an extremely “worried mom” face. “Larkin! It’s been three weeks! Go to the f*&#ing doctor!” So I gave her a deep sigh and a roll of the eyes and called and set up an appointment at the University’s health center.

Today was my appointment. I walked in with my great, hard sole shoes (I looked online and that’s what they said is best to wear) and soon after I was called in to see Dr. Vander-Hyde. After giving my bare foot a thorough examination (ew, disgusting!!), she sent me upstairs to radiology to get some X-Rays. At this point I was a little peeved. Clearly my foot was not broken if I had been walking on it for weeks. Couldn’t she see that? So after waiting for an eternity for the radiologist, I was called in and the lady held and set my foot in various positions as she took the shots (she did this with her bare hands. DISGUSTING.)

When I was finally through with the X-Rays, Dr. Vander-Hyde came back up to examine them with me. She immediately saw a little crack right where I had been complaining about the pain, but said that feet really weren’t her specialty and it could just be a growth plate. I released a little sigh of relief. Growth plates are fine. Growth plates are good. So Dr. Vander-Hyde whipped out her handy dandy book all about feet (someone honestly wrote a book all about feet. WHO WOULD EVER WANT TO DO THAT) and we spent the next couple minutes pouring over growth plate information and discovered–to our great disappointment–that the growth plate of the metatarsal (the bone that was showing the fracture) was actually way, way above where we saw the little crack. So my foot is fractured. Fantastic.

HOWEVER, do not fear: I do not have to wear one of those ridiculous booties. Dr. Vander-Hyde mentioned it and I gave her such an unpleasant look that she immediately followed that with, “But, of course, I don’t think that’s completely necessary if you don’t want to. You’ve been doing pretty well with just hard-soled shoes so far. So if you want, you can stick with sneakers.” Yes, Dr. Vander-Hyde, thank you. I shall be sticking with sneakers. She also let me take a couple pictures when I told her I was going to write my blog post on this!!! She even made me take one of the entire foot when at first I only zoomed right in on the fracture because, “Look how beautiful it is!” No, Dr. Vander-Hyde, my apologies, but I’m not really seeing the beauty. Feet just really aren’t my thing.

I also haven’t told my mom yet because I wanted her to read about it on here. Hee hee. Hey mom 🙂

Until tomorrow!


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I’m sure that all of you had a job that you really didn’t like that much in the past. I’m only 18 and I’ve already had a job I really didn’t like. To pass the time during that job, I’m also sure that you all came up with little things to do to pass the time.

So today I went to the cafe across from the art school to get lunch. They have the BEST Chicken Schwarma with homemade hummus and mouthwatering rice tossed in some special, garlicky sauce. Delicious. The way they have everything set up at this cafe is they have a bunch of glass cases protecting the food from you and the servers are on the other side. So I’m ordering my Chicken Schwarma and everything is going great. I ask for a little extra rice because it’s just that good. And then comes the time when the server is supposed to hand me my plate of food. He went under the top part of the glass case and, without thinking–it is your INSTINCT, after all, to reach for food–I went to grab it and boom. I smacked my hand on the glass. He laughed and apologized and went to hand it to me over the top of the case, and I gladly took it, also offering a smile. Besides, that glass is super duper clean. It was definitely a mistake.


My friend Alyssa had finally made up her mind at this point on what she wanted (Chicken Schwarma. Because it is amazing) so I patiently waited over by the salad area for her to order. And–low and behold–this jokester did the EXACT SAME THING. Bam. Alyssa smacked the glass with her hands and laughed, flustered, as the guy handed it over the case.

I just chuckled over at my spot by the salads. Sometimes it takes a couple mediocre pranks to get through a boring workday.

Until tomorrow!

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I would like to start off by saying that my roommate is a lovely person. We are not friends, but we do like each other and respect each other’s habits to the best of our abilities. I would also like to start off by saying that rooming with someone is hard, even if you think that they’re a lovely person. Especially freshman year. Especially when you don’t share their study habits or sleeping habits or, to be quite frank, any of their habits.

My roommate was away this weekend. I kept the room at–about–60 degrees (she likes to keep it at around 90) and went to bed every night–except Friday, of course–at around 10:30 (she’s up until around 1 every night). It’s been a little tough having her back with the window constantly closed and the smell of her foreign food filling the small space we share. I don’t mean to sound like a bad person, it’s just that I really loved having a single for four days.

Tuesdays are my good days. I get to sleep in until 8:30, roll out of bed, get dressed and walk down to my class, which is from 9:10 until 12:30, and then I am done. Tuesdays are also Maria’s (my roommate’s) good days. She does not have class until 12 and she’s back in the room again by about 3. So imagine my surprise when an alarm went off at 7:00 am. Maria is a very deep sleeper. The alarm continued. And continued. And finally she awoke and turned it off at around 7:03. I feel straight back asleep. Then, imagine my astonishment when an alarm went off again at 7:15! Again, I lay in my bed gritting my teeth until Maria finally muttered something and turned it off. And so it went. Every 15 minutes an alarm would go off all the way up until I rolled out of bed at 8:30. Oh, the power of a snooze button. Oh, how I would love to have a word with the person who invented this SNOOZE BUTTON. Bah humbug.

Again, Maria’s a great person.

P.S. She wore sneakers without socks today and the room smells like feet.

P.P.S. Don’t worry she has no idea that this blog exists.

P.P.S. Maybe I should go back to yoga…

Until tomorrow, everyone!

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Before I launch into today’s post I just want to make a little realization: because I’m doing Slice of Life, I ALWAYS know the date. Usually I have to check my phone/a friend before writing the date on the top of my paper, but this month my friends have been asking me instead. Thanks, Slice of Life.

Today’s yoga class was the type of yoga class that inspires me to want to be a yoga teacher. The teacher was amazing. I don’t think my body had ever been able to twist itself into the positions she had me in today. And the energy filling the room was unbelievable. I have never taken a yoga class with that many motivated people. And they weren’t just motivated. They were really good at it. I’m very used to being the most flexible person in the yoga room. 10+ years of dance has pretty much guaranteed that. I’m also a risk taker when it comes to trying new moves. I like to be upside down and a lot of yoga poses involve being upside down. You’re not really supposed to look around during yoga. You’re supposed to be centered in yourself, paying attention to your breaths and what you can handle. But there’s no way to ignore the fact that when the teacher called for people to slide into the stretch and take a split if they chose that half the class (including me) gracefully slid into their split. On BOTH sides. And then when she asked us to take the inversion of our choosing, I was one of many who lifted my legs into a headstand.

I don’t just love yoga because I can do the poses. I love the IDEA of yoga. I’m not a very religious person. I don’t follow a single faith and I’m not really sure that I believe in an afterlife– I’m much more of a live for your life right now type of person. However, I do believe that there’s something bigger out there.I believe in souls. I believe that you make a fate for yourself and that what is meant to happen will happen– as long as you put some effort into it along the way. Yoga seems to understand that. Being in that room with so many relaxed, concentrated people I feel a connection to everyone that you don’t find in many other places. It’s special.

Teaching yoga has always been a dream of mine since I took my first class. (I really, really hope that it comes true this summer and I find the time to take the courses needed to get my license because that would be the PERFECT job for next year on campus.) This class just confirmed it. I want to be as motivating and inspiring as our teacher was today about something that I love so much.

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Today my friend, Mackenzie, and I decided that it would be a smart idea to check our bank accounts and map out spending for the rest of the year. Before I could calculate how much I would be able to spend a week with a solid chunk leftover for summer spending, Kenz and I had to count the number of weeks left of school. Six. I am going to be home for the summer in six weeks. Technically, I only have FOUR weeks left of school, as classes get out on the 17th of April. However, when you include the two weeks I have to stay for finals, it comes out to be six weeks left in Ann Arbor.

I know this sounds super cliche, but my time here has really flown by. Although the first few weeks here at Michigan feel like forever ago, I can’t believe that my freshman year is over in six weeks. And trust me when I say that those six weeks are going to FLY by because I really, really don’t want them to. (Finals have never been my cup of tea.)

The other day I was looking back at my posts during last year’s slice of life challenge. One of my goals for school was to not be the girl with FOMO (fear of missing out). As I put it on March 30, 2014, “Next year, I don’t want to be the type of person that has FOMO. I read about FOMO in a kid’s book once, and have been a little bit obsessed with it ever since. FOMO is an acronym for Fear of Missing Out. Before this year, and before I began to voluntarily think about it and work to change my ways, I had a very bad case of FOMO. I wanted to be in ten different places at once all the time. I couldn’t balance my friends. I wanted to be everywhere doing everything and I struggled to be happy with the current moment. I have been working hard to change this. Instead of going over to someone’s house and thinking about the party I could be at or the work I could be doing or the family dinner I could be having, I have been working hard to instead just relax and enjoy that moment. FOMO is overrated. The key to happiness is to be content and satisfied with where you are and who you’re with.” Looking back at this, I know that I’ve grown as a person. I have become more content. More content with where I am, who I am and who I’m with.

Being away from my family for so long has been hard, but also really good for me in a lot of ways. Not having my three best friends, Julia, Clare and my mom, living a bedroom away has forced me to work harder to find people that I trust and respect as much as them. My family has given me pretty high standards and it’s been my job this year to find people who meet them. I think I’ve done a pretty good job.

Until tomorrow!