DAY 31!!!!!

IT’S DAY 31. 


I can’t believe it.

31 days has gone by since my first post on this blog. This is an overused saying but it feels like yesterday!

Yesterday I did my deep, meaningful, life lessons post so today is going to be more of a thank you post. First off, a huge thank you to Stacey Shubitz, the host of the writing challenge (I am so completely amazed/awed that you got around to commenting on every single person’s blog). And, obviously, a thank you to my mother, Melanie Meehan, who managed to push me through yet another year of slice of life. I will admit that there was one day that I 100% forgot to post until she reminded me at 9:30pm. It wasn’t one of my finest moments.

Also, thank you so much to both Elsie and Tara! I never said it in the comments or replying to your comments or whatever, but you are both huge motivators for me! Having continuous support from two amazing bloggers such as yourselves has been the ultimate inspiration in continuing onward in the writing challenge. 

March has been amazing–you have all lived vicariously with me through a pretty big month in my life. I can’t wait to come back and say hello to my slicing family every Tuesday. Xoxo


2 thoughts on “DAY 31!!!!!

  1. It’s been great fun reading your posts and re-living March of a senior year, Larkin. This was a big month for you, and I was amazed at your commitment to write every day. I loved being “in” on the decision making process, hearing about Ann Arbor, your art classes, and your reflections about life, and your place in it. It really was a privilege – you are on the precipice of something grand, and yet still within the warm love and familiarity of home and a much beloved family, and it was rather wonderful to be a part of all that for a bit. I do hope that you will keep writing on Tuesdays, so that we can be a part of the senior year milestones ahead! You are a very special young lady.

  2. Larkin, you are an amazing girl, I think I’ve told you that before, but it bears repeating. You have joie de vivre and I love sitting on the sidelines reading of how you attack life. I hope you do continue to write.

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