Day 30

2 more days.

That’s a lot of pressure. That means that these two blog posts need to be fantastic; my final imprint on this writing community until next year. I am currently struggling with what to post about. I could post about my Uconn trip or I could post about the car ride back or I could post about my exhilarating dance rehearsal or I could post about MY team–the University of Michigan–losing to Kentucky and failing to proceed to the Final Four.

Or I could do another “how-to” on a silly teenager thing, or I could post about how my goals are coming along.

However, I have decided against all of those things–besides, I’m not going to stop posting after tomorrow so I will have plenty of opportunities to share with you all of these exciting ideas–and I am instead going to write a little about next year and who I want to be. In a year, when I’m lost and confused and maybe a little bit under the influence (just kidding, mom), I hope that I will be able to look back at this list and remember what college is supposed to be about.

I want to be the type of person that is willing to have a good time. A “good time,” however, can be many different things. A “good time” can be attending an on-campus Ted Talk. A “good time” can be watching the Michigan Dance Troupe’s winter performance. A “good time” can be going and getting coffee with new friends before classes. A “good time” can be a girl’s night in complete with popcorn and romantic chick flicks. A “good time” can also be going to a nearby party. However, next year I want to remember that there is a surplus of things to do and people to meet and new situations to experience. I want to remember that anything can be a “good time” if you have the right, positive attitude.

Next year, I don’t want to be the type of person that has FOMO. I read about FOMO in a kid’s book once, and have been a little bit obsessed with it ever since. FOMO is an acronym for Fear of Missing Out. Before this year, and before I began to voluntarily think about it and work to change my ways, I had a very bad case of FOMO. I wanted to be in ten different places at once all the time. I couldn’t balance my friends. I wanted to be everywhere doing everything and I struggled to be happy with the current moment. I have been working hard to change this. Instead of going over to someone’s house and thinking about the party I could be at or the work I could be doing or the family dinner I could be having, I have been working hard to instead just relax and enjoy that moment. FOMO is overrated. The key to happiness is to be content and satisfied with where you are and who you’re with.

Next year, I want to be open to new ideas and new people and new food. I want to be the girl that people talk about and say, “She’s a really nice, fun person.” I want to be able to have a good time and I want to be able to ignore my inner FOMO.

So, a little piece of advice to my future, college self. Read this and remember to love who you are and who you’re with and if you don’t love who you are or who you’re with, then it is always within your power to make the change. Have fun, but remember that the definition of “fun” is much broader than some may think.

If you guys have any other helpful tidbits of advice, please let me know. You have all been through this process, and, I am sure, all made plenty of mistakes through trial and error. So please put your unlimited college experience to use and help a girl out! I want to make these next four years the best they can be.


3 thoughts on “Day 30

  1. You will have a great time in college. I love your thought that you want to try all different experiences. Don’t pack you FOMO, leave it home and enjoy whatever you are doing. Glad to know you will be writing, I’ll be reading. 🙂

  2. You’ve committed then – congratulations, Larkin! So much to look forward to – many choices, adventures, and on and on. What I gather, though, is that you are ready.

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