Day 28

I just pinched myself because I couldn’t believe it was already March 28th. I’m actually going to miss doing this! Of course I am still going to blog as much as possible but I love being “forced” to read all of these different, fantastic blogs and comment. However, we still have a few more precious days and right now is not the time for tears, but instead laughs. So here is a funny story for everyone.

Last night was my very last chorus concert of my high school career (hopefully my entire career, but we will see what Michigan brings). Because I’m in the highest level chorus and have been doing it for the entire time that I’ve been at my high school, I was one of the 25 seniors recognized. At the end of the concert we were all called up on stage and stood in one large line in our hideous, floor-length, shapeless, black silk dresses. 

Once we were all up there and situated, the rose distributing ceremony began. It is a tradition at my high school that every graduating senior receives one yellow rose. This yellow rose is supposed to signify happiness but it is also “tinged with sorrow” because we are leaving. Jokes. That rose was an extremely happy rose for yours truly. The problem, however, is that I did not receive it. All of the juniors in my chorus and the chorus below me had the job of distributing the single yellow roses to the senior that they were assigned to. Once the dust had settled and all the yellow roses had been handed out, 24 seniors were proudly holding their precious yellow roses. That singular, unlucky senior who had not gotten a freaking rose was me. Of course. So I stood there on stage and, after looking around a bit, just shrugged my shoulders and grinned happily. Why not make the most out of a funny and awkward situation, right? Soon I had quite a few people in the audience laughing as my (extremely boring) chorus teacher droned on and on about the meaning of this yellow rose and I stood there as the only one on stage without this sacred flower. When she got to the part in her speech that said “and that is why EVVVERRRYYYY senior tonight has received this single yellow rose” (she stressed the every) the entire audience was cracking up. And the best part was that my chorus teacher had no idea why.

A junior must have finally noticed that I had failed to receive my rose, as right after the speech a rose was given to me. Everyone cheered as I held it up. I thought that that was it. Finally, thank goodness, I had received my stupid yellow rose and the night could continue. But no. The juniors felt so awful that they had forgotten me that one of them came up on stage and gave me ANOTHER yellow rose. “Here you go, Larkin!” She said, “Last, but definitely not least!” Needless to say, the audience thought that this was quite hilarious and I now held my two yellow roses up in victory.

Although the night did not go quite as planned, it was chorus concert that’ll be hard to forget.


4 thoughts on “Day 28

  1. You took the absence of the rose and ran with it, Larkin – which was a brave thing to do. Funny thing – the very absence of your rose put you at the center of the event and made it all the more memorable. Now yo can retire the hideous gown – I have both my daughters’ choir gown hanging in their closets – never to be used again, but mementos of wonderful evening of music .

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