Day 27

It was a bittersweet day for me.

There were lots of endings and a few clear resolutions for who I am going to be and where I am going to go in the upcoming years. Today was Ivy Day. This means that every single Ivy League college/university released their decisions at 5 pm today. I had applied to Brown and, at this point, Brown would have been the only thing to stop me from going to Michigan. Unfortunately, (but maybe fortunately, I’m not sure…) I got the big ole rejection from Brown University. I wasn’t even that upset when I saw it. Honestly, I had been expecting a rejection all along and had spent the day convincing myself that Brown was the wrong choice and Michigan was it. Now that I didn’t get in, I am convinced that Michigan is where I am “destined” to go and where I will be the most happy. And I could not be more excited. Finally some resolution. I am going to the University of Michigan this upcoming fall and I will be a part of their class of 2018.

Tonight was also my last first high school golf practice and my very last chorus concert (which is why I am just writing this blog post now). My golf team has been an important part of my high school career and I can’t wait to end this season with a bang (winning conferences, I hope). The chorus concert was fun and all of the seniors were recognized at the end (another blog post in itself as I was kind of forgotten…maybe tomorrow’s) which is always fun because who doesn’t love to be recognized.

So, here’s to knowing. Knowing where you’re going, knowing what you’ve come from and knowing who you want to be.

Until tomorrow, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Day 27

  1. I feel strange saying congratulations when you had a bit of rejection today, but I think congratulations are in order! You’ve been on the college search roller coaster, and now you get to stand on firm ground and enjoy the rest of senior year! Go Blue!

  2. That is a great attitude. You will end up where you are supposed to be. Maybe that rejection was a gift in disguise. That happened with me for a job I once interviewed for. I wasn’t unhappy where I was, I just wanted to apply to do something different. I had three interviews and then they chose someone else. The guy who called me was a little taken aback that I had such a big smile in my voice. I thanked him for letting me know that I was where I was supposed to be. You will have a great time at Michigan!

  3. “Tis the season for those lasts, Larkin – and, having lived through three senior years with my children, I have a sense of what that feels like. “Knowing where you’re going, knowing what you’ve come from and knowing who you want to be” – is such a wise filter through which to experience these next few months. And, Ivy Day – yes, this was always a day of high tension in our household. But, i had a feeling that you loved Michigan, and it’s such a great school. I also have a feeling that you will carve out a wonderful niche for yourself no matter where you go – and Michigan is lucky to have you!!!

  4. At last the final decision is made, now you can begin this new journey. What an exciting time for you, finishing off your high school years and preparing for Michigan.

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