Day 25

Once upon a time there was a girl named Cecily. Cecily decided one day after school that she really wanted to make some cupcakes. Her teacher had shown the class a picture of a plate of cupcakes during Writing, the very first class of the day, and ever since then Cecily had been craving the soft, cakey, sweet feeling of a bite of cupcake sitting at the tip of her tongue. When she got picked up at the very end of the day, after her very least favorite subject, Math, Cecily was more than a little bit ready for a sweet, delicious morsel of goodness. 

“Mom,” She begged once she was in and buckled, “Please, please, PLEASE can we stop at the bakery and get a cupcake! All I want is one!”

Unfortunately, her mom had a lot of work to get done and had sisters to pick up and the bakery was too far out of the way. Cecily slumped down in her seat and crossed her arms in disgust. This cupcake was going to be harder than she thought.

When they finally got home, Cecily ran to the cabinet to check and make sure that they had all the ingredients to make her cupcakes. Her mom had always taught her that good cooks do two things: before they begin, they check for ingredients. After they finish, good cooks always clean up after themselves. Fortunately, someone had gotten a box of cupcake mix earlier that week so Cecily didn’t have to bother looking for all the materials she would have needed if she wanted to make cupcakes from scratch. She had the box of cupcake mix, some vegetable oil, and the carton of eggs all out and ready to go.

Within five minutes, Cecily had everything perfectly mixed. She looked around to make sure no one was looking and stuck her finger into the batter, giving it a satisfied lick. Delicious. She then preset the oven to the correct temperature, stood on a very high stool to get down the cupcake sheets and set about looking for the cupcake liners. She looked on the top shelf. She looked on the middle shelf. She even looked on the very lowest of shelves where she knew for a fact they would not be, as it was the shelf for pots and pans, but the cupcake liners were no where to be found. Cecily’s eyes widened. Her heart beat fast. She could feel the tears coming but knew that crying was not the way to get what she wanted. And the cupcake liners were what she wanted. 

“Mooooommm!!” Cecily ran up the stairs, looking everywhere for her mother. At last she found her sitting at the computer, papers stacked up around her. “Mom. We have no cupcake liners. All I need are cupcake liners!”

“Cec, I’m sorry, but I really don’t have the time to run to the store right now. Go talk to Larkin.”

Larkin had been listening to this entire conversation take place and called out from the room over, “I have dance in twenty minutes so if you want a cupcake in the next two hours, don’t bother asking me!”

Mom shrugged her shoulders apologetically, “I don’t know what you want me to say, Cec. Did you look everywhere? Are they really nowhere to be found?”

Cecily nodded emphatically. “They’re nowhere. I’ll go look again, but I promise they’re nowhere.”

With that she trudged back down the stairs, a heart heavy with defeat. Her dad, who had just walked in the door, look down at her in surprise. Cecily was not usually a cranky child. But she wanted her cupcakes. All of a sudden, her eyes lit up. There were two grocery bags on the kitchen table and both were filled to the brim with bread and sandwich meats and all sorts of other delicious things. She ran to the table and began rummaging through them both. And there it was. A box of new cupcake liners. Cecily reached into the bag and pulled it out, holding it high in the air. “Victory!” She sang happily. 

Her dad, who had just returned from getting the remaining bags from the car, looked on and smiled, “Who knew that a box of cupcake liners would provide so much happiness?”

Cecily had the cupcakes in the oven within seconds, the frosting made, and in twenty minutes she had a beautifully frosted cupcake sitting on a beautiful china plate, and was daintily picking it up and placing it into her beautiful, waiting mouth. It was the best cupcake she had ever tasted.


3 thoughts on “Day 25

  1. Aren’t you lucky to have a family that provides you with such great stories to write! Now you’ve got me craving that soft sweet cake, but it must wait. Today I made chocolate peanut butter cheesecake cookie bars. Are you hungry now? 🙂

  2. ….and they lived happily ever after, or at least until the very last cupcake was enjoyed! Loved the voice in this, Larkin. Also the way you were privy to Cecily’s whims, woes, and wranglings.

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