Day 23





Hello fellow slicers. I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday and are ready for a week full of learning and fun. Yay!

This evening my mother decided to make the family wonderful re-stuffed baked potatoes. This means that she took the time to scoop out the potato skins, mash the potatoes and then put the mashed potatoes back into their skins covered in cheese and bacon and cook the entire thing in the oven. My apologies if your mouth is watering. I know mine is and I just ate one.

She made these mashed potatoes especially with my younger sister, Julia, in mind. My sister, Julia, is the pickiest eater I know (besides my friend Alana who only eats pasta and pb&j). Julia eats the basics. Julia does not like potatoes. However, one night she came home from a friend’s house having had pre-stuffed baked mashed potatoes from Trader Joe’s and my mom has been trying to recreate them ever since. Tonight at dinner she had worked her way through the chicken and the bread and started in on the stuffed baked potatoes. She took one bite and then she took another. My mom was ecstatic, but sat watching silently, trying to mask the silly grin on her face, because Julia doesn’t like it when we comment on what she eats. Julia made it through about half of her baked potato when she suddenly stopped.

“Wait.” She said, her mouth full of potato, “I hate potatoes.” She now looked down at her plate with a horrified expression, still not swallowing. “I hated this. I’m not sure why I’m eating it. It’s not even good for me. I’m currently eating something that I hate and it’s not even good for me. I’m going to spit it out.”

Mom looked on with defeat as Julia got up from her seat, walked over to the trash can and spit out her entire mouthful of mashed potatoes. “Well,” She said, “That was too bad. I really thought I’d done it. I thought I conquered her resistance to the world of potatoes.”

Maybe next time my mom will achieve her ongoing goal. I suppose I will just have to keep you all updated. 


Just in case you wanted a visual, do not fear. I have attached the picture of Julia’s mashed potatoes meeting the depths of the trash can. You are all welcome.



3 thoughts on “Day 23

  1. We call those twice baked potatoes in my part of the country. Never heard them called restuffed potatoes. Here’s the good thing, if Julia doesn’t like them, there’s more for you, right?

  2. That visual was rather more than was quite necessary, Larkin – but I appreciated the way your mom accepted this rejection with equanimity. She is a better person than I am – I would not have been so calm and understanding.

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