Day 20

Happy March Madness, everyone. I hope one of you wins a billion dollars. Today, I have decided to write a poem.


A Little Promise



Waiting for spring is like waiting for your nails to dry,

Or waiting for the very last bell to ring.

Waiting for spring is like waiting for the first light in the sky, 

Or waiting for the sun while the rain sings, ping-ping.


Waiting for spring is like waiting for your teacher to return a test,

Or waiting for the day that your sister is no longer a pest.


Waiting for spring is like waiting to hear back from your number one school,

Or waiting for your piping hot meal to at last become cool.


But I promise:


Your nails will dry and they won’t be messed up,

And school will be over and you’ll escape with a friend,

And a new day will come, and with it the sun,

And the rain will stop and the storm will end.


You’ll get the best grade on that test you received,

And your sister is suddenly kinder than you would have ever believed.


You will get into college- no questions asked,

Your meal will cool off and be the best you’ve ever had.


And I promise. Spring will come.


4 thoughts on “Day 20

  1. Your poem brings not only the hope of spring, but delivers a dose of hope as well. Spring in the US generally arrives with such dramatic ceremony. It bursts forth. I recall it fondly from my six years in NYC. Thank you for your poem, and thank you for assisting me to recall a memory.

  2. Some things do seem to take forever, but eventually time passes. I loved the repetition, then the way you tied it up in a bow. Nice! I just wish spring would get here.

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