Day 18

This is my first time posting so late but I promise there was absolutely no other time in my day to write a fifteen minute blog post. And that’s saying something. Because my day was super busy and action packed, I decided to do the basic slice of life post and do a short re-cap of some of my day.

School was fine. It was school. I went to classes and took notes and went to lunch and took notes and went to some more classes and took some more notes until the final bell rang. Pretty basic.

After school, however, was when things got interesting.

Right after school I went over to my friend Taylor’s house with my other friend Karley. Karley and I told Taylor that we just wanted to “hang out” and “talk,” but in reality we had a bit of a plan up our sleeves. Little did Taylor know that at three o’clock her friend Andrew would be driving up her driveway with all of his windows down, blasting “Through the Dark” (Taylor’s favorite One Direction song) and walk inside with a huge bouquet of pink roses. It was perfect. Everyone was on time, Taylor was beyond surprised, AND we got some very cute pictures out of the deal.

After Taylor’s, I went over to another friend’s house to get ready for our high school girl’s basketball team’s final four game and to finish up some homework. From there, I went the game (it was a great game but unfortunately we lost…) and I just got back after a short Dairy Queen and CVS stop.

I promise tomorrow I will post right after school!!! Also, it’s my sister, Julia’s, birthday tomorrow so I will have to do a little something about that… 🙂

Until tomorrow, everyone!!


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