Day 14

Tomorrow morning at 4am I am waking up and mother and I are heading off to Michigan (via plane, of course). I guess I’ll let you all know if I still like the university as much once I’ve visited it as I do right now.

Now that it’s third semester of my senior year and I am in between sports seasons, I have found myself with quite a bit of time on my hands (one of the main reasons I was 100% on board when my mom asked me if I’d like to participate again). In order to spend my time in a valuable manner, I have set out some goals and projects for myself to complete because goals are always good. Goals and lists. I usually find that when you feel organized you become organized. It’s sort of like the idea that if you try hard enough to be someone you’re not, slowly you become them. If you fake yourself into being organized and motivated, sometimes it really happens. 

First of all, this blog every day was a necessity when it came to my list of goals. That, I think, is a given. Another thing I have been working to accomplish is making signs for myself and my friends and maybe at some point I’ll sell them to any not-so-friends that are interested. When I say signs, I mean little wooden pieces that you may see in super artsy store windows with short, inspirational quotes painted on them with fun colors. I’ll attach my most recent one at the bottom so you all can see what exactly I’m talking about.

I also set the goal to be more social, both with current friends and reconnecting with old ones. I’ve gone to three different high schools in my four high school years which equals quite a few friends at quite a few different places. One of those high schools was a boarding school that I was a day student at because it is literally right down the street from my house. Therefore, it is pretty easy to drive over there and havea snack or a chat or a chat while eating a snack with freshman year friends every now and then. My other high school is in Spain, making my friends there a bit more difficult to keep in touch with, but I have managed to set up three Skype dates with people there in the past month and a half.

My fourth goal was just to take the extra time that I currently have on my hands and be a nicer house guest, because that is kind of what I am–a house guest. Not that I ever think of myself in that sense (as being a house guest), because I do think that it is my parents’ job to provide me with a home and food, but hey, they’re doing their job and I feel like it is my job to appreciate them a little more than I maybe have been. This means driving my sisters whenever they can’t, and going to the grocery store every now and then, and smiling/being happy/telling them how awesome they are, and etc.

So far, my goals are going pretty well. I only have another 15 days until golf season begins so we’ll see how I keep them up, I suppose.

Happy blogging!



5 thoughts on “Day 14

  1. I have several thoughts to share with you, 🙂 What made you pick Michigan if you’d never been there? I had to laugh when you said I’ll let you know if I still like it. Seems backwards to get in, then go check it out, but then what do I know?
    I commend you for your goals. You set your goals then work to achieve them. Bravo to you! So you are quite the entrepreneur with your little signs. Hmmm, wonder what you will come up with next. Lastly, I like your attitude about being a better guest. Larkin, you have such a zest for life, great things are ahead for you.

    • The virtual world has grown quite a bit within the last 10 years and today you can find basically anything online. This includes virtual tours of college campuses, online messaging with admissions officers who will respond to your questions and an entire page of frequently asked questions and answers. Just by looking at Michigan’s website I was able to get a pretty good feel for the university and it’s beliefs. A lot of the colleges that I applied to that were more than a five hour car ride away I have not yet visited and am instead planning to visit if I get in and if I still want to go there.
      I’m sure that other people have their own ways of going about things, but that is what I decided to do!

  2. I like the thought “if you feel organized you become organized.” I am going to put that to use. I also like that you think of yourself as a house guest, but I’ll bet your mom does not think of you that way. I’ll bet she cherishes every moment you are there, and is counting the days until you return, much as I do with my now college sophomore daughter.

  3. I am so impressed that you blog every day, Larkin, and do so in a thoroughly committed way – especially knowing what senior year is like. Can’t wait to her your thoughts on U of M.

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