Day 13

The wind is so strong today that as I am sitting in my room I feel for a second as though I am surrounded by waves crashing on the sand. However, then I remember that it is not salty water making this sound, but instead a frigid gust of cold air and I shiver and wrap the blanket closer around me. My grandma is not a huge fan of heat so as soon as she left I snuck down to the thermostat and turned it up from 62 to 68. Now I just am waiting for it to kick in.

I was very stuck on what to write about today so I have decided just to include some funny quotes and super small moments from family members and friends that have occurred within the past twenty four hours.

1. My mom’s new favorite line whenever one of us misbehaves and ‘hurts’ another one of our feeling’s is, “Alright, teaching moment. This is the time where you now say, [insert name here] I am so so sorry. Please forgive me.” Unfortunately, when my sisters repeat the line back to me it sounds much more sarcastic and much less sincere. Especially Cecily (the youngest) when she has to apologize to me for forgetting to flush the toilet.

2. I had to ask my sixteen year old sister last night to please mute her computer because her webkinz game was so loud and I was trying to go to sleep. Background information: Webkinz was a popular game when we were about 7 and involves virtual stuffed animals. She is working to bring it back.

3. I was driving Cecily (the youngest) to the library today. Cecily was quite the talker and talked my ear off the entire way there. The funniest thing that came out of her mouth was, “I just feel so bad for that girl [talking about one of her friends and her instagram account]. She always posts the most pointless selfies with the most pointless captions. Her most recent was a duck face with the caption, ‘On my way to steal your boy.’ I mean, that is just so inappropriate.” At least we still have at least one innocent sixth grader in this crazy world.

4. I cannot think of any more at the given moment, but this was fun. Maybe I’ll do it again. 

Until tomorrow!


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