Day 11

I would like to start off by giving the weather a serious shout out. It is gorgeous outside. Spring has never felt closer (well, that is until Thursday when we are supposed to get some more snow, but for now let’s live in the moment and appreciate the 60 degree weather while it visits).

I would also like to give a shout out to everyone in my AP English class period 8 today. It was the first day of our existential presentations and they were actually incredible. Our assignment was to put together something creative that represented/incorporated existentialist beliefs. I had it easy because whenever I hear “creative” I just make a painting. However, other kids went above and beyond. A couple people wrote their own miniature plays about waiting and absurdist philosophies that I was very impressed by. Another girl did an in depth presentation on the idea of death not being a finality. I sat through the entire class in awe of my classmates and cannot wait to see more tomorrow. The best part is that, as a class joke, almost every single presentation somehow contains horses (as they are, by far, my english teacher’s favorite animal).

To end this beautiful day I am trying to set up a doggie date with mine and my friend’s dogs so we can go take a walk with them and soak up the sun before the snow sets in. Until tomorrow, fellow slicers.


3 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. You sound like such an encouraging person. I liked the way you commented on all the wonderful things your classmates did for the assignment. I would like to take my dog for a walk in the snow! I live in Australia and it is warm where I live all the time. I wonder what a snow walk with my dog would be like. Enjoy the spring weather. Great sllcie. 🙂

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