Day 10

Today was a good and a bad day when it came to friends.

On one hand, a couple people were mad at me for some very trivial misunderstandings so I had to work things out with them which was very very extremely beyond stressful. I am not good with confrontations. Often times if someone is mad at me, I get extremely paranoid and psych myself out of talking to them and then the situation becomes worse because we’re all in high school and see each other every day and people gossip and gossip spreads fast. Really fast. So a lot of people knew about these girls being mad at me before I even knew they were mad at me and, trust me, that is never good. One thing I cannot wait to leave is the drama of high school.

However, my day was not all bad. I didn’t have class last period and really didn’t feel like going home right away so instead I went to the school’s library just to see who was there. One of my friends, Dana, was sitting at a table by herself so I went and plopped myself down across from her. Dana and I were best friends in 6th grade, but then we never had that many classes together after that and sort of drifted apart. We had a lot of catching up to do. Dana and I talked all period. We talked about teachers and college and who we were good friends with and prom. We talked a lot about prom, because, honestly, what topic of conversation between two teenage girls is more comfortable than prom. Prom is an awesome safety net.

When the bell rang, Dana and I still had lots left to say so we decided to go to our town’s Starbucks where we both got everything cheese bagels with cream cheese on the side and talked some more.

Talking to Dana was a great pick-me-up. She’s an amazing person that I have regretted not staying in touch with and today I had the perfect opportunity to get back in her good graces. New friends are never a bad thing, even when they aren’t necessarily “new” but instead newly recovered.


2 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. The drama of high school, especially senior year – this is one thing you will definitely not miss (although there is the drama of college room mates, and apartment room mates, and the people you will have to share your morning subway ride to work with…but that is yet to come – besides, high school drama PREPARES you for all that). How marvelous that you were able to connect again with this friend from 6th. grade, Larkin. And over cheese bagels with cream cheese on the side, no less! Now, about the drama that is prom….

  2. I love how you named your friend as “newly recovered!” I am 50 years old and still stay in touch with my high school friends. It may seem like drama now, but they will become treasured memories!

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