Slice of Life Day 7

I have been meaning to write a more fictional piece but, honestly, hilarious things in my household just keep continuing to occur that I cannot not write about. So this post is completely true but I am going to tell it from my sister’s perspective to shake things up a bit.


Basketball practice was pretty rough today. By the time it’s over the back of my neck is wet with perspiration and all I can think about is taking a nice, hot, long shower. I slump into my mom’s waiting car and she looks me up and down. “Well, don’t you look flushed and healthy!” All I do is grimace. I am currently feeling anything but flushed and healthy. I just close my eyes and imagine warm water streaming down my face.

By the time we get home the sweat has evaporated off of my skin, leaving my hair cold and wet and my teeth chattering. “Run upstairs and hop in the shower; I’ll carry your bags in,” Mom says. Thank goodness. Now there was nothing to hold me back from that beautiful, lovely, perfect, hot shower. I sprint inside and up the stairs, using my last bit of remaining energy. And then I saw Clare. Walking to her bathroom. With her towel. Oh HECK no.

“What do you think you are doing,” I say, “You better just be going to the bathroom or we are going to have a serious problem.”

“Julia, are you serious. Why would I bring my towel with me if I just had to pee. I’m going to take a shower,” She retorts.

“No, you’re not,” At this point a gentle stream of smoke is already beginning to escape my ears. “You have been home since THREE O’CLOCK and you decide now to take a shower? I haven’t even started my homework, I had basketball and soccer practice today and therefore I get the shower first. No questions asked. So if you know what’s good for you, you are going to walk back to your room with that towel of yours and wait until I’m done.”

(Just as some necessary background information we cannot take two showers at once in our house or the water in one of them gets very cold very, very fast.)

And that’s when she did it. Clare looked me right in the eye and sprinted into the bathroom, turns on the shower, and quickly jumps in to the still-cold shower. This girl clearly does not know what is good for her. “Shoot!” She shrieks from the shower that I had been coveting for the past thirty minutes, “I forgot to take my bra off!”

“Serves you right,” I mutter under my breath and stomp off to my room where Larkin is sitting on her bed. “Did you see what she just did?”

“Go steal her towel,” She says and goes back to doing whatever she was doing on her computer.

I wrinkle my nose. Stealing Clare’s towel is a decent idea, but amateur. I need something bad. That’s when it came to me.

It only took a second and I was back in mine and Larkin’s room, a huge smile stuck on my face. Larkin takes out her headphones. “What did you do.”

I grin. “Well. Let’s just say my sweaty head came into good use.”


“I may or may not have rubbed my sweaty, disgusting head all over her pillow.”

Larkin covers her mouth, eyes wide, “You did not. Are you going to tell her?”

“Nope,” I giggle and then disappear for another second. When I return again I have an armful of towels. “I took them all. Hehe.”

I don’t usually take revenge for petty things. But this. This was beyond petty. This was just cruel. For this, Clare deserved a sweaty pillow and a lack of towels to try off with. For this I have no regrets.


And that is my story of the shower revenge.


One thought on “Slice of Life Day 7

  1. Nice retelling, I saw the story on your mom’s blog earlier. So you are truly the one to blame, since you planted the seed for the towel stealing. You are a wicked girl! 🙂 But funny too!

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