Slice of Life Day 6!!!

Hello everyone. Can I please just start off by saying that I cannot believe it is already day 6? I feel like I’ve written two blog posts. So, that being said, I think I should become more invested in this entire process… Maybe get a little more creative. 

So far I’ve done your basic blog posts. No pictures, no ooh-la-la extra frilly stuff. Well, get excited because today, March 6, 2014, you all are going to see a picture. 

For my AP studio art class we have to create 12 concentration pieces. That means that I have to make 12 pieces that all kind of go together and all use the same-ish materials. I paint. And, not to offend the acrylic gods, I do not care for acrylic paint. My painting style is slightly more pricier than acrylic because my medium of choice has always been oils. They don’t dry for at least few days which is perfect for me since I do the majority of my painting in school and leave the paint and my unfinished projects there overnight. I also choose to paint on wood. No, not like tree stumps you find in the backyard. Instead I prefer beautiful, sanded-down pine wood. It’s smoother than the canvas and gives the painting a softer texture which I love.

For my concentration, therefore, I am working with oil paint and wood. For what is actually going on to this wood with the oil paint, I have decided on portraiture. At first, that was it. I was going to do portraiture. However, my art teacher told me I was a cop-out and to pick something more interesting so after much thought and research I have decided on medieval portraiture with some modern day elements incorporated into the pieces. 

Without further ado here is the latest piece that I have done that I just happened to finish today. If you read my blog post from yesterday, hopefully you will see that my model’s boob is most definitely not attached to her shoulder as it was just the other day.

ImageIf you have ANY questions at all PLEASE ask me. I love talking about the artistic process and basically anything art related so for real, hit a girl up.

Peace out till tomorrow fellow slicers!


7 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 6!!!

  1. Terrific. I miss painting, it’s been years. Thank you for sharing your process – and putting a little bug in my ear. Hope it’s fun!

  2. Interesting to hear about the difference in art materials, Larkin – I am also glad to see that the medieval young lady is not anatomically challenged. She looks rather pensive, however, as though conscious of having dodged an errant paintbrush.

  3. I’m always fascinated by what someone’s palette looks like (and their canvas material) as much as I am the painting. I like looking at the colors…what you’ve blended…evidence of mixing (mashing) color with a brush…and matching up color from palette to canvas…when I painted, I fell in love with painting with the palette knife and not the brush (also very expensive when thick slabs of oil paint are scraped into the canvas)…AND I LOVED experimenting on different surfaces (a piece of firewood; a canvas of broken eggshells; a sheet of sandpaper)…try portraits on a surface befitting the subject. I painted Eugene ONeill’s portrait on the eggshell canvas because I thought he was such frail spirit.

  4. I love the shading around the nose, always a tricky part for me (when I painted). So now you are creating 11 more pictures? Wonder what she’s looking at.

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