Slice of Life Day 3


Just kidding. I’m pretty sure that is an oxymoron. No, but actually, I had an okay Monday (surprise, surprise); nothing too tragic happened.

However. It was not too happy of a Monday for one of the sports teams at my high school. I’m not going to reveal which team it was because then maybe the creepers of the Internet would google “______ sports team high school” and find my high school and come and kill me in my sleep. A little bit extreme, but it does happen. And what is life without a little bit of paranoia…?

So, anyway. This high school sports team decided it would be a really good idea to all carpool to their big tournament. So far, so good. Carpooling is always a fun time, especially a car full of rowdy teenage boys. Their bad decision, however, was to have a junior drive. Let me fill you in on a little piece of information. It is March. Therefore, almost no juniors are legal to drive other people because they have not had their licenses for a complete year (the prerequisite to driving anyone). This particular boy that volunteered to drive was not an exception to this basic assumption. In fact, he had gotten his license in late December. Do the math. This kid had been on the roads solo for a little over two months. It’s already looking like a recipe for disaster.

At the end of the school day, I walked up to a bunch of people that were talking hurriedly in hushed voices with extremely animated hand gestures. It is, after all, basic human nature to want to participate in gossip and this looked like some juicy stuff. Whenever a group of high schoolers are talking in hushed voices with a lot of hand motions, you know you’re in for a good story. After listening in for a couple minutes, I got the basic gist. This kid, (let’s call him Bob) was driving back from the sports tournament with four other people in his car and had been speeding on a back road when he hit a bad patch of black ice and flipped over a snow bank. The car landed upside down.

Luckily, no one was seriously injured. Bob broke his arm, lost his license for an indefinite amount of time, and completely and totally totaled his car. The only other thing is I think that one of the other boys received a mild concussion. It could have been a lot worse. Had the car gone just two feet higher or had the front windshield completely shattered, or had Bob been driving just a tiny bit faster, my town might have lost five young, talented boys today. Appreciate life while you still are living it, people.

p.s. I promise my post tomorrow will be significantly more uplifting… (well, maybe. I’m still actually not positive what I’m going to write about…)

p.p.s. If you know of any other teenagers participating this year, PLEASE let me know! I would love to check out their blogs!

See you all mañana!


4 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 3

  1. Teenage boys always think they are indestructible and that they will never get caught doing anything wrong (I should know, not only do I teach them, I also raised two of them). I lovingly refer to them as SSB’s (Stupid Sophomore Boys….that’s when it starts. And it can last until they are almost 30). Thankfully, no one was badly hurt or worse. Who knows, maybe they learned a lesson!

  2. That makes for a big news day at any high school…hoping other non- or barely-licensed juniors learned a vicarious lesson to be safe out there!

  3. We all make poor decisions in our life. I hope these guys remember this in the future. Stay safe, wouldn’t want anyone to visit you during the night. 🙂

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