DAY 31!!!!!

IT’S DAY 31. 


I can’t believe it.

31 days has gone by since my first post on this blog. This is an overused saying but it feels like yesterday!

Yesterday I did my deep, meaningful, life lessons post so today is going to be more of a thank you post. First off, a huge thank you to Stacey Shubitz, the host of the writing challenge (I am so completely amazed/awed that you got around to commenting on every single person’s blog). And, obviously, a thank you to my mother, Melanie Meehan, who managed to push me through yet another year of slice of life. I will admit that there was one day that I 100% forgot to post until she reminded me at 9:30pm. It wasn’t one of my finest moments.

Also, thank you so much to both Elsie and Tara! I never said it in the comments or replying to your comments or whatever, but you are both huge motivators for me! Having continuous support from two amazing bloggers such as yourselves has been the ultimate inspiration in continuing onward in the writing challenge. 

March has been amazing–you have all lived vicariously with me through a pretty big month in my life. I can’t wait to come back and say hello to my slicing family every Tuesday. Xoxo


Day 30

2 more days.

That’s a lot of pressure. That means that these two blog posts need to be fantastic; my final imprint on this writing community until next year. I am currently struggling with what to post about. I could post about my Uconn trip or I could post about the car ride back or I could post about my exhilarating dance rehearsal or I could post about MY team–the University of Michigan–losing to Kentucky and failing to proceed to the Final Four.

Or I could do another “how-to” on a silly teenager thing, or I could post about how my goals are coming along.

However, I have decided against all of those things–besides, I’m not going to stop posting after tomorrow so I will have plenty of opportunities to share with you all of these exciting ideas–and I am instead going to write a little about next year and who I want to be. In a year, when I’m lost and confused and maybe a little bit under the influence (just kidding, mom), I hope that I will be able to look back at this list and remember what college is supposed to be about.

I want to be the type of person that is willing to have a good time. A “good time,” however, can be many different things. A “good time” can be attending an on-campus Ted Talk. A “good time” can be watching the Michigan Dance Troupe’s winter performance. A “good time” can be going and getting coffee with new friends before classes. A “good time” can be a girl’s night in complete with popcorn and romantic chick flicks. A “good time” can also be going to a nearby party. However, next year I want to remember that there is a surplus of things to do and people to meet and new situations to experience. I want to remember that anything can be a “good time” if you have the right, positive attitude.

Next year, I don’t want to be the type of person that has FOMO. I read about FOMO in a kid’s book once, and have been a little bit obsessed with it ever since. FOMO is an acronym for Fear of Missing Out. Before this year, and before I began to voluntarily think about it and work to change my ways, I had a very bad case of FOMO. I wanted to be in ten different places at once all the time. I couldn’t balance my friends. I wanted to be everywhere doing everything and I struggled to be happy with the current moment. I have been working hard to change this. Instead of going over to someone’s house and thinking about the party I could be at or the work I could be doing or the family dinner I could be having, I have been working hard to instead just relax and enjoy that moment. FOMO is overrated. The key to happiness is to be content and satisfied with where you are and who you’re with.

Next year, I want to be open to new ideas and new people and new food. I want to be the girl that people talk about and say, “She’s a really nice, fun person.” I want to be able to have a good time and I want to be able to ignore my inner FOMO.

So, a little piece of advice to my future, college self. Read this and remember to love who you are and who you’re with and if you don’t love who you are or who you’re with, then it is always within your power to make the change. Have fun, but remember that the definition of “fun” is much broader than some may think.

If you guys have any other helpful tidbits of advice, please let me know. You have all been through this process, and, I am sure, all made plenty of mistakes through trial and error. So please put your unlimited college experience to use and help a girl out! I want to make these next four years the best they can be.

Day 29

Unfortunately this blog post is not going to be the post of the year because I am doing it from my phone while sitting in a dorm at the Uconn campus. However, I have gone 28 days strong and am not about to fail this challenge because of one day. Don’t ask me why I didn’t post earlier– I honestly have no idea. I suppose a combination of laziness and procrastination.

You may be wondering why I am spending the night here at Uconn when I have already announced my decision to attend Michigan. Well, I am not committed anywhere yet and I am interested in just how different Michigan is to the University of Connecticut. I decided it was worth trying out.

I will have to keep it short today, so that will be all. Until tomorrow, everyone!

Day 28

I just pinched myself because I couldn’t believe it was already March 28th. I’m actually going to miss doing this! Of course I am still going to blog as much as possible but I love being “forced” to read all of these different, fantastic blogs and comment. However, we still have a few more precious days and right now is not the time for tears, but instead laughs. So here is a funny story for everyone.

Last night was my very last chorus concert of my high school career (hopefully my entire career, but we will see what Michigan brings). Because I’m in the highest level chorus and have been doing it for the entire time that I’ve been at my high school, I was one of the 25 seniors recognized. At the end of the concert we were all called up on stage and stood in one large line in our hideous, floor-length, shapeless, black silk dresses. 

Once we were all up there and situated, the rose distributing ceremony began. It is a tradition at my high school that every graduating senior receives one yellow rose. This yellow rose is supposed to signify happiness but it is also “tinged with sorrow” because we are leaving. Jokes. That rose was an extremely happy rose for yours truly. The problem, however, is that I did not receive it. All of the juniors in my chorus and the chorus below me had the job of distributing the single yellow roses to the senior that they were assigned to. Once the dust had settled and all the yellow roses had been handed out, 24 seniors were proudly holding their precious yellow roses. That singular, unlucky senior who had not gotten a freaking rose was me. Of course. So I stood there on stage and, after looking around a bit, just shrugged my shoulders and grinned happily. Why not make the most out of a funny and awkward situation, right? Soon I had quite a few people in the audience laughing as my (extremely boring) chorus teacher droned on and on about the meaning of this yellow rose and I stood there as the only one on stage without this sacred flower. When she got to the part in her speech that said “and that is why EVVVERRRYYYY senior tonight has received this single yellow rose” (she stressed the every) the entire audience was cracking up. And the best part was that my chorus teacher had no idea why.

A junior must have finally noticed that I had failed to receive my rose, as right after the speech a rose was given to me. Everyone cheered as I held it up. I thought that that was it. Finally, thank goodness, I had received my stupid yellow rose and the night could continue. But no. The juniors felt so awful that they had forgotten me that one of them came up on stage and gave me ANOTHER yellow rose. “Here you go, Larkin!” She said, “Last, but definitely not least!” Needless to say, the audience thought that this was quite hilarious and I now held my two yellow roses up in victory.

Although the night did not go quite as planned, it was chorus concert that’ll be hard to forget.

Day 27

It was a bittersweet day for me.

There were lots of endings and a few clear resolutions for who I am going to be and where I am going to go in the upcoming years. Today was Ivy Day. This means that every single Ivy League college/university released their decisions at 5 pm today. I had applied to Brown and, at this point, Brown would have been the only thing to stop me from going to Michigan. Unfortunately, (but maybe fortunately, I’m not sure…) I got the big ole rejection from Brown University. I wasn’t even that upset when I saw it. Honestly, I had been expecting a rejection all along and had spent the day convincing myself that Brown was the wrong choice and Michigan was it. Now that I didn’t get in, I am convinced that Michigan is where I am “destined” to go and where I will be the most happy. And I could not be more excited. Finally some resolution. I am going to the University of Michigan this upcoming fall and I will be a part of their class of 2018.

Tonight was also my last first high school golf practice and my very last chorus concert (which is why I am just writing this blog post now). My golf team has been an important part of my high school career and I can’t wait to end this season with a bang (winning conferences, I hope). The chorus concert was fun and all of the seniors were recognized at the end (another blog post in itself as I was kind of forgotten…maybe tomorrow’s) which is always fun because who doesn’t love to be recognized.

So, here’s to knowing. Knowing where you’re going, knowing what you’ve come from and knowing who you want to be.

Until tomorrow, everyone!

Day 26

Tonight was a crazy night. And that is a very large understatement. I did more scheming and plotting and plot-twisting tonight than I have done in the past six months combined. 


Honestly, I don’t think that anyone’s prom situations could be any crazier than mine and my friend Katie’s were tonight. But hey, we both ended up getting asked and we both ended up getting asked by very nice young men. So it was a good night. 

To give you a basic gist of what went down between 5pm and about 30 minutes ago, I will try to fit it all into a concise little paragraph. Both Katie and I were trying to avoid getting asked by boys who we absolutely did NOT want to go with. Both of these boys were TOGETHER and trying all night to figure out our whereabouts and stalk us down with roses and cakes. So Katie and I had to take matters into our own hands. I had heard of a few different people who had been thinking about asking me, so I had Katie call up my friend Max (a potential prom person) and set up a prom asking. We drove over to the grocery store where he was working and he asked me to prom with a cake he had written on saying “Larkin, Prom?” One down, one to go. 

Okay maybe two paragraphs.

Katie, who was avoiding boy #2, also had a few potential prom askers. So, being the good friend that I am, I called up one of them, my friend Jack, and told him that if he didn’t ask Katie tonight then she unfortunately was going to be snatched up by someone else. Jack acted quickly. Katie and I secretly went to the gym to work out (one of our many hiding places throughout the course of the night and the reason for our beautiful apparel) and only told a select group of people of our whereabouts. Of course, Jack was one of the select few and sat outside in his car until we came out. He asked Katie with a poster that said “Will you be my winning ticket?” and a lottery ticket. It was quite adorable.

Of course, a prom story would not be complete without photos so here are some nice little visuals for you all.


Day 25

Once upon a time there was a girl named Cecily. Cecily decided one day after school that she really wanted to make some cupcakes. Her teacher had shown the class a picture of a plate of cupcakes during Writing, the very first class of the day, and ever since then Cecily had been craving the soft, cakey, sweet feeling of a bite of cupcake sitting at the tip of her tongue. When she got picked up at the very end of the day, after her very least favorite subject, Math, Cecily was more than a little bit ready for a sweet, delicious morsel of goodness. 

“Mom,” She begged once she was in and buckled, “Please, please, PLEASE can we stop at the bakery and get a cupcake! All I want is one!”

Unfortunately, her mom had a lot of work to get done and had sisters to pick up and the bakery was too far out of the way. Cecily slumped down in her seat and crossed her arms in disgust. This cupcake was going to be harder than she thought.

When they finally got home, Cecily ran to the cabinet to check and make sure that they had all the ingredients to make her cupcakes. Her mom had always taught her that good cooks do two things: before they begin, they check for ingredients. After they finish, good cooks always clean up after themselves. Fortunately, someone had gotten a box of cupcake mix earlier that week so Cecily didn’t have to bother looking for all the materials she would have needed if she wanted to make cupcakes from scratch. She had the box of cupcake mix, some vegetable oil, and the carton of eggs all out and ready to go.

Within five minutes, Cecily had everything perfectly mixed. She looked around to make sure no one was looking and stuck her finger into the batter, giving it a satisfied lick. Delicious. She then preset the oven to the correct temperature, stood on a very high stool to get down the cupcake sheets and set about looking for the cupcake liners. She looked on the top shelf. She looked on the middle shelf. She even looked on the very lowest of shelves where she knew for a fact they would not be, as it was the shelf for pots and pans, but the cupcake liners were no where to be found. Cecily’s eyes widened. Her heart beat fast. She could feel the tears coming but knew that crying was not the way to get what she wanted. And the cupcake liners were what she wanted. 

“Mooooommm!!” Cecily ran up the stairs, looking everywhere for her mother. At last she found her sitting at the computer, papers stacked up around her. “Mom. We have no cupcake liners. All I need are cupcake liners!”

“Cec, I’m sorry, but I really don’t have the time to run to the store right now. Go talk to Larkin.”

Larkin had been listening to this entire conversation take place and called out from the room over, “I have dance in twenty minutes so if you want a cupcake in the next two hours, don’t bother asking me!”

Mom shrugged her shoulders apologetically, “I don’t know what you want me to say, Cec. Did you look everywhere? Are they really nowhere to be found?”

Cecily nodded emphatically. “They’re nowhere. I’ll go look again, but I promise they’re nowhere.”

With that she trudged back down the stairs, a heart heavy with defeat. Her dad, who had just walked in the door, look down at her in surprise. Cecily was not usually a cranky child. But she wanted her cupcakes. All of a sudden, her eyes lit up. There were two grocery bags on the kitchen table and both were filled to the brim with bread and sandwich meats and all sorts of other delicious things. She ran to the table and began rummaging through them both. And there it was. A box of new cupcake liners. Cecily reached into the bag and pulled it out, holding it high in the air. “Victory!” She sang happily. 

Her dad, who had just returned from getting the remaining bags from the car, looked on and smiled, “Who knew that a box of cupcake liners would provide so much happiness?”

Cecily had the cupcakes in the oven within seconds, the frosting made, and in twenty minutes she had a beautifully frosted cupcake sitting on a beautiful china plate, and was daintily picking it up and placing it into her beautiful, waiting mouth. It was the best cupcake she had ever tasted.

Day 24

It seems as though every day I come up with a new goal for myself. Tomorrow I am going to say hello to that person in the hallway and I am going to be more outgoing and I am going to complete all of my history homework for the next three days tonight so I don’t have to do it then. Tomorrow I am going to start working out for fifteen or more minutes every day, regardless of whether or not I have dance, just because it makes me feel better. In ten or so years I am going to be the best mom ever and I am going to be kind and giving and forgiving and I am always going to have an open ear and an open heart.

It bothers me that the majority of my goals begin with “tomorrow” or “ten years” or “when I get around to it.” I am going to make a new goal for myself. This goal is going to be to write things down. I have whiteboards all over my room that I never use and a beautiful planner that, for the most part, is completely blank, and tons of fantastic markers and sharpies and fine-tip pens to write down all of the things I want to accomplish and all of the things I already have accomplished because I think it is a problem that many of us only think about what we WANT to get done and forget to give ourselves a pat on the back for how far we’ve already come.

I believe that this is all for today, just some thoughts. If you have any other tips that you would recommend for someone trying to achieve goals that they have already set, please fill me in as I imagine you all are much older and wiser than I currently am! 🙂

Day 23





Hello fellow slicers. I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday and are ready for a week full of learning and fun. Yay!

This evening my mother decided to make the family wonderful re-stuffed baked potatoes. This means that she took the time to scoop out the potato skins, mash the potatoes and then put the mashed potatoes back into their skins covered in cheese and bacon and cook the entire thing in the oven. My apologies if your mouth is watering. I know mine is and I just ate one.

She made these mashed potatoes especially with my younger sister, Julia, in mind. My sister, Julia, is the pickiest eater I know (besides my friend Alana who only eats pasta and pb&j). Julia eats the basics. Julia does not like potatoes. However, one night she came home from a friend’s house having had pre-stuffed baked mashed potatoes from Trader Joe’s and my mom has been trying to recreate them ever since. Tonight at dinner she had worked her way through the chicken and the bread and started in on the stuffed baked potatoes. She took one bite and then she took another. My mom was ecstatic, but sat watching silently, trying to mask the silly grin on her face, because Julia doesn’t like it when we comment on what she eats. Julia made it through about half of her baked potato when she suddenly stopped.

“Wait.” She said, her mouth full of potato, “I hate potatoes.” She now looked down at her plate with a horrified expression, still not swallowing. “I hated this. I’m not sure why I’m eating it. It’s not even good for me. I’m currently eating something that I hate and it’s not even good for me. I’m going to spit it out.”

Mom looked on with defeat as Julia got up from her seat, walked over to the trash can and spit out her entire mouthful of mashed potatoes. “Well,” She said, “That was too bad. I really thought I’d done it. I thought I conquered her resistance to the world of potatoes.”

Maybe next time my mom will achieve her ongoing goal. I suppose I will just have to keep you all updated. 


Just in case you wanted a visual, do not fear. I have attached the picture of Julia’s mashed potatoes meeting the depths of the trash can. You are all welcome.


Day 22

I woke up at 8 this morning and immediately went to go check and see if I’d gotten into Middlebury–decisions were supposed to come out today at 8am. It was a no. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt quite as bad as my first ever rejection had. As they say, the first cut is the deepest. With Middlebury as my 2nd rejection, I just didn’t care quite as much; I already have Michigan and at this point the main reason I want to get into the rest of the schools I applied to is just so I can say that I did. Crazy, I know, but true. No one likes to be rejected, even if they already have a terrific offer. It just makes the rejection much more bearable.

Today was one of those days where I feel as though I have so much that I could blog about (meaning a lot happened today) but I don’t think that any of what happened would make a terrifically interesting or humorous story. My 3 boy cousins from Florida (11 year old twins and an 8 year old) visited for a couple hours today on their way to the airport after visiting their old friends in Vermont. Usually, when they stop in something crazy and exciting happens, so I thought my blog post for the day had basically been already written, but today they were slightly mellow and actually well-behaved. This provided me with a lovely time bonding with the three of them but unfortunately did not provide me with any fantastic stories. 

As I really don’t have anything else to say, until tomorrow, everyone!