So far, so good. Two days, two posts. It’s basically a record. 

I think it’s because I haven’t sat down and written something in a while, but I am currently struggling to find inspiration. Everything and everyone seems to be in kind of a lull. However, one person who is never in a lull is my English teacher, Mrs. Anonymous. I think I’m just going to call her Jane. Anyway, since I’m going to keep my life story at the bare minimum on here, I’ll fill you all in on some of my more rambunctious teachers, such as Jane. 

Every single day I walk into English class, Jane is sitting there at her desk with her feet propped up, reading something. I always hope that whatever she’s reading isn’t written by me because she always has a slightly disgusted look on her face, like her mom just walked into the room. Jane hates her mom. I don’t think she ever meant to tell us her feelings on her mother, but one day, like the rest of the personal information she has shared with us, it just slipped out. Jane will be complaining about the schools’ inability to buy decent staplers one second and the next she’ll be off talking about how her mom’s parenting was as dysfunctional as the broken stapler. Jane has very strong feelings on everything and everyone. I think that if it was up to her, she would run the United States of America, but she would never admit that to us. We asked her once why she wasn’t the principal if she had so many beneficial opinions on how to run the school. She stared us all down, sitting on the edge of her desk, and replied, begrudgingly, “You all actually think I would volunteer to do that much work? Oh helllll no! I am perfectly fine where I am right now, thank you very much.” And with that she quickly proceeded to continue her lecture on just how much she hated every single character in Frankenstein because they were all “dumb wimps.”

Maybe I’ll continue with Jane tomorrow, maybe I won’t. I guess we’ll see.


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