An Introduction?

Well, here I am. It’s my senior year in high school, and I thought, what better way to find myself and say goodbye than to make an anonymous blog? So I suppose that’s what I now find myself doing. The only problem is that I’m not quite sure what to write on here… I mean, who would possibly be interested in reading about my life every day? No one. So I promise that there will be no (well maybe a couple) woe is me stories and I will do everything I can to make myself seem interesting. However, that being said, I do think that I should probably still write a little introduction and I’m not positive how to write an introduction without writing about myself, so hold tight because this post is going to be all about me.

My mom is a big blogger. She’s a teacher and believes that a teacher’s job does not end once she leaves the classroom. She also likes to make her “social media footprint,” as she calls it, and does so through her blog and her twitter. My mom is quite an inspiration, and her blog is one of the many reasons why I decided that now with all of my “second semester senior” free time I should really try my hand at this whole blogging thing.

The past couple of weeks I’ve done a bit of soul searching. Yes, I know, that sounds super duper tacky, especially because it’s my senior year in high school, and isn’t that what all these books are about nowadays..? How the senior in high school goes throughout her entire life thinking she’s one person and then realizes she hates who she has become and works to be a brand new human being..? Well, half of this touché story is accurate. Even though I am working on creating a new and improved me, I don’t hate my old self. In fact, there are parts of my old self that I’m going to try hard to maintain as I search for this new me. I think that in order to become a better, more open-minded person, the first step is to decide which characteristics you’re going to stick with. I’m going to work on my confidence, and waking up every morning being completely okay with who I am and what I’m good at and I am going to work hard to surround myself with people who appreciate me as much as I appreciate myself. That doesn’t mean, however, that I am going to change everything about me now to accommodate this futuristic, more confident, less bashful person. Instead, I am going to create the best mix of characteristics that I can.

Well, thank goodness that sloppy stuff is over. Now you all have a basic gist of who I am, and I can make next post more of a post about writing than an “Ask Amy.” See you all (maybe) tomorrow.


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